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 Star Light Academy(IF)(LB)

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SLA Admi

PostSubject: Star Light Academy(IF)(LB)   Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:00 pm

About 150 years ago there was a massive meteor shower. Cosmic radiation was rained down on the entire earth. But there were no negative effects at all, despite what many people thought. If anything it was something positive. Many children born after this were shown to have super powers. They were referred to as 'Star Children', a name that has stuck even today. Seeking a way to contain, and possibly control, these Star Children. The governments began to open up schools all over the world to train these Star Children. Many who graduate simply go on to lead normal lives. Some go into the army and others join an alleged secret team of Star Children referred to as the Star Corp. However any possible existence of this team has not been proven.

But now things are looking bleak for Star Light Academy, the most prestigious of all the schools. Because rumors are flying of an alleged evil school where they train the students for evil. Many of the most powerful former and current students have been disappearing. Some are being recruited while others are either full on missing or have been found dead in strange ways. Such as someone who can breathe underwater found drowned, or someone who can fly falling to their deaths.

Now the Star Light Academy is frantically trying to find this rumored school and shut them down. And all the while the tales of these deaths are leaking out, giving ammo to the so-called Anti-Star Children groups who want segregation. Which side will you be on? Will you fight for or against Star Light Academy? Or will you be a human and get those evil Star Children locked up for good? It's your choice.

Plenty of canons to choose from in this brand new site or make your own characters and try to change the history of this world!

Copy and paste the link below. Don't forget the http://
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Star Light Academy(IF)(LB)
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