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 Erica/Opera Ghost

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Opera Ghost

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PostSubject: Erica/Opera Ghost   Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:38 am

Name: Phantom, Erica

Alias: Opera Ghost, The Phantomess of the Opera

Gender: female

Age: 17 years old

Rank: low rank

Division: Division 1

Extra Information: Erica is the second child of The Phantom of the Opera (the first being Gustave) and has developed her father's amazing singing voice, but, ironicly, his deformity too.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: A03

Family Members: The Phantom of the Opera (father), deceased mother

Birth Date: October 31, 1995

Star Sign: Scorpio

Favorite Food: meat yummmmmmmmmmmm

Least Favorite Food: fast food

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance: Erica looks very similar to her father. She has raven colored hair that goes all the way to her waist and is usually very straight. She rarley ever ties her hair in a braid or bun. She has blue green eyes and very pale skin. Her main outfit is a dark green tux-shirt with a white bow, black pants and boots, dark grey gloves, a long flowing black cape and a white mask covering the right side of her face (her deformed side).

Reiatsu Color: rose red

Height: 5'8

Weight: 112 pounds

Body Type: scrawny fragile built but is surprisingly strong

Extra Information: she may look pathetic and tiny but with one quick move she can have a rope around your neck and you'll be dead in a minute. Although she is nor good or evil, she still murders for joy like her father.

Personality: Erica is soft spoken and a loner and rarley ever shows her face to anyone and likes to remain hidden. Erica is unpredicatble and her emotion can change instantly. She prefers to stay in her home under the Opera House in Paris and compose music and sing. She's usually happy but you can never tell because she never smiles.

You should never, and i mean NEVER get on her bad side because you'll regret it. If you do something to really anger her, she will murder you without care. Just like her father, she has a short temper and is sometimes forgiving and compassionate but also is heartless and murderous.

Likes: Erica loves to sing opera and write music. She also likes to play around in the catacombs and she loves her father's black stallion that he keeps down below the Opera House. She also likes being incharge and telling people what to do. And, like her father, she enjoys murder and frightning people.

Dislikes: She dislikes it when people just make friends with her to eventually see whats behind her mask. She also dislikes Rauol, her father's old enemy and her half brother's foster father.

Goals: Become a genius like her father and eventually become a great Opera Singer.

Fears: She fears Gypsies and Traveling Circuses because of what they did to her father when he was a little boy.

Strengths: agility, acrobatic skills, knowing every passage and room in the Opera House, trickery, disappearing very quickly and her amazing singing voice.

Weaknesses: her deformity. people tease her about it constantly and she hates it.

Phobias: she is scared of fire and is deathly afraid of Gypsies.


Bio: Erica was born to Erik aka The Phantom of the Opera and Christind Daa'e. Before Christine was killed, she gave birth to Erica, who was indeed, the Phantom's child. The Phantom raised both Gustave and Erica in the catacombs beneath the Opera House in Paris, France. They both had Erik's amazing voice but Erica also had his hideous deformity. For her 9th birthday, Erik gave her a mask similar to his. She loved it with all her heart and refused to ever take it off. For the next 8 years, Erik trained Erica to be just like him and haunt the Opera House. He also taught her to make nooses and showed her the proper way to hang a victum. Erik would sometimes sit Gustave and Erika down and tell them stories of their mother and how wonderful she was. He told Erica and her brother that they reminded him so much of Christine and would occasionally turn away and sob while Gustave and Erica watched. When Erica turned 17, she wrote her first Opera called La Victoire des Rois and her father helped her with the lyrics and music. For her birthday, Erik forced the managers of the Opera House use her Opera the next time they have a full house. Erica watched the preformance with her father from Box 5 and the Opera was voted the best opera of the year.

Today, Erica romes the Opera House with her brother and father, writing music, singing, haunting and of course......murdering.
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Erica/Opera Ghost
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