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PostSubject: Kamoku    Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:02 pm


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Kamoku Zetsu

Alias: Kimchi (because of her favorite food)

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Rank: Fullbringer

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: B+

Family Members: Mother, Father, Grandmother ( on father's side)

Birth Date: 1-1-1980

Star Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Food: Kimchi stir fry with pepper bread

Least Favorite Food: Mostly sweet things (though she abhors waffles the most)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance:

Kamoku usually wears these things: her black coat with the white inner fur that reaches past her butt, short-short, flat-bottomed black boots, a white sweater underneath the coat and a 6 foot long red scarf she nicknames "akaichu."
Reiatsu Color: Orange

Height: 5'3''

Weight: 92

Body Type: pole-like

Extra Information:


Personality: Kamoku is an airy, college girl whom overly loves her scarf. No matter what she does she does at maximum. Which causes her parents and friends to worry about her mental safety. Even though she puts on an act of confidence she piles on her worries one on top of the other, making her either temporarily depressed or even more motivated to do what she wants to do. With her job at the toy shop, college, homework, and fighting hollows she has a full baggage of stress that she usually lets out by buying scarves or making them.

Due to her hectic lifestyle and her godsend ability to assume everyones reasonable, she hardly gets it when people are trying to snub her. Though when she does, she gets mad and acts even more like a kid by pouting about it. She has several good points but her bad points outweigh it considerably. She sleeps in during lectures, she's late for work due to her scarf hobby, she spends her paycheck unreasonably on stuffed animals and new spices for her foods, and is completely unreasonable when it comes to arguements. (that she will never budge on)

Likes: She has a high attraction to warm and comfortable things like coats, stuffed animals and most of all: scarves. She has an entire collection of them and tries to buy a new one every week. Though her most favorite scarf of all is what she calls " akaichu" (red kiss)

Dislikes: She hates people treating her like a child and giving her cute things. (though she's secretly thankful for the stuffed animals) She also doesn't like people who think she isn't good enough to talk to.

Goals: She wants to be a toy designer when she graduates from college and wants to be able to create her own brand.

Insecurities: she's insecure about how her grades will go and how she will be able to make her dream come true when she has to fight hollows at the same time.

Fears: She fears she will be found on the pavement, smushed like a bug by a hollow before she could even graduate.

Strengths: She can cook really good spicy food, She is quick and agile when it comes to fighting, and is also good with her hands while sewing and knitting. She also has a high reiatsu.

Weaknesses: She never knows when to tone down her spicy food, she's horrible and dim when it comes to her studies, when she sews and knits she sometimes sews her pants, coat or shirt together with what she was working on. Even though she has high reiatsu, she gets lightheaded from it and occasionally walks into traffic or falls down several times.

Phobias: Kamoku has two phobias.

1. she has a phobia of sweets because each time she eats them she remembers her grandmother shoving them down her throat when she was five.

2. She's afriad of people taking her favorite scarf in which she will freak out if you do, no matter whether she likes you or not.

Extra Information:



0-8: Kamoku was born in California with a Japanese father and an American mother. For most of her life she stayed in the sunny state and had an odd habit of staying up on roofs and jumping from window sills. She also got into fights at school pertaining to her prized possession: a Totoro stuffy that she carried with a red string around it's ears. She had knocked the kid senseless and the mother's child was planning to expel Kamoku. So before any of that happened she was sent to Japan to live with her grandmother.

9-15: Kamoku had visited her grandmother once before and the experience was horrible. The grandmother was so thrilled that she gave Kamoku sugar every day for a week. From then on, Kamoku hated sweets like it was the unholy plague. Though this experience was quite different. Her grandmother was a seamstress for a bridal company and loved to sew and create white frilly outfits for her. This, however did not make Kamoku very happy. She was a full tomboy and never wanted to wear a dress at all.
At her school she was the only girl whom was blonde and was immediately noticed in any photo or playground. Though she ignored this as well and began playing football with the boys after school every day. Her grandmother would greet her at the home with a scarf and some Kimchi noodles. One day she asked her grandmother where she got the scarf from and she said it was a present from Kamoku's parents. It was red for " good luck"

16-21: Kamoku started to grow at first and then suddenly stopped at 16. Her childlike face was still there when she began high school. To her it was the worst that could happen. No boobs, no hips, and no curves. From then on she wore her scarf and a large black coat that her grandmother helped her make. Soon after she started high school her parents had gained enough money to go to japan and get a nice house. Even though they were her parents she still stayed with her grandmother. Over time she began to work her hardest at both school and football, though never taking off her scarf. The boys then asked her if she could help them with another school to have a match with. she agreed whole-heartedly.

Before the match she snuggled into her scarf and kissed it for good luck and then started the match. About halfway in, she was handed the ball and began running for her life. They were 2 to 6 with her friends the losing team. She was nearly tackled before she threw it. Except it was her scarf that threw it. She was surprised at first but after a few tosses she got the hang of it. After they won and she was carried off the playing field she passed out on the way home. Completely exhausted.

This is when she started seeing hollows and fighting them off. Each fight she went farther and farther away from her little football games. Soon she graduated from high school and went into an art college where she was learning about clothing designs. No it wasn't stuffed animals like she loves but it was necessary to know if she wanted to get her own brand of toys. During this time she got a job at the local toy store to also get experience, though the fighting of hollows came first and foremost. She had learned 2 new techs, learned about shinigamis (but never went to the Rukongai before) but never seen another one like her.
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PostSubject: Re: Kamoku    Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:59 pm

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