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 Kade Hiroshima

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PostSubject: Kade Hiroshima   Kade Hiroshima I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2011 4:56 pm


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kade Hiroshima 2mrb214
Name: Hiroshima, Kade

Alias: Keith

Gender: Male

Age: 290 yrs old

Visual Age: 29 yrs old

Rank: Former Vice Captain

Division: Division 2

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: AB Negative Blood

Family Members: None

Birth Date: March 21, (Doesn't remember the year)

Star Sign: Leo

Favorite Food: Unknown

Least Favorite Food: Unknown

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance: However, as a teen/young adult, he's thin, has red irises, and short black hair that was cut with his bangs sloped down the left side of his face. Though his hair remains in a fairly consistent style throughout his adulthood, there are a few minor changes, including its evolution into pure white. As a young adult, his hair is hanging down all around his head, in his mid-adult years, his bangs are somewhat parted and in his prime, his hair is parted with his bangs in front of his right eye. Even though his does have good physical shape his body still it kinda bad shape because he saved himself from the cancer. But the effects of cancer still linger leaving 1/4 of his face completely disfigure the cancer has completely burned part of his face leaving long black jagged scars of his face. From his first mission his body was burned from cero attacks leaving some black burns all over his body. His face is a complete and total mess after being killed nobody barely recognize him. Because of this his right eye has red retina and black retina blood veseels

Severe Burns on the head, face, or neck which the reason after being killed the person responsible put sulfur acid on his face. Combined with the treated cancer started burning his face which he trying to keep alive from the pain of it all. It really did a number to his face structure. His facial recognition is completely gone leaving him being an darkly figure mostly like a monster then the shinigami that he used to be.

His Loner atttire comes with vest is black, pants are a dark gray with black pin stripe and the sweater is a brownish. Kade actually created a flat black costume in order to keep himself hidden from his own kind or any others. He does wear a stitch mask with U.S. Issued 1930 googles with some mirror tint on the lenses. Also his gigai has the same costume. Because of what happen to him, he never show his face to anybody fearing the things they'll say about him. Truthfully, Nobody has seen his face which he finds a goof relief. So the mask won't come off

Reiatsu Color: Dark Black

Height: 5'12

Weight: 180lbs

Body Type: Slim Muscular build

Extra Information: (optional. Things that didn’t go into the other categories would go here)


Personality: Kade Hiroshima was once a lone shinigami no more and no less. He doesn't feel pity, remorse or fear but truthfully the shinigami does have a code of honor in protecting people. Sometimes he'll listen to reason but then walk away in regret. Kade has a great desire to be the best & powerful shinigami on his own thinking the path of lone shinigami is his way of life. He'll often talk if necessary but very rarely he'll open his mouth and talk. After his near death, he felt pain and anger being betrayed by people he trusted left him in whirlwind of feelings of regrets and revenge over the people who tried to wipe him out. The feelings he had to that evil shinigami were cold and unsettling....he never did like the guy something evil about an shinigami. After finally being discovered alive, Kade felt that he finally got his confidence back that he could serve and honor the Soul society with loyalty and servitude without any regrets of the past to stop him. He had a unstoppable rage of killing hollows or anybody that threaten the Soul society or the people serving under it. He does show a kind & caring attitude around his companion though.

Around friends, Kade feels like he had a friend maybe just more then a companion but he tries to act according to the shinigami code around her. Even though he's serious and honorbound at times, Kade does have a caring attitude despite his agressive programming from the scientists which he doesn't think himself as a tool but as a human being. Hopefully around his new friends maybe he can act like a normal shinigami then he was created to do. In short, Kade had something of an half breed law abiding attitude but deep down the soul within him cares about his family and friends hoping to bring out some compassion towards a new life. However, his apperance and for what has happen his friends still have a tough time fixing the damage dent to his heart. Really he start to have nightmares and he'll go back to his anti social persona.

Likes: "Desire is irrevelant, I just having two things......no three things that I care about fighting when I choose to, helping people and being left alone in the darkness...that is all" Those are the only things that I.....Kade Hiroshima like in the world. Maybe one more increasing my powers and skills that would be number four

Dislikes: There nothing I dislike in this world except the fact that Soul society keep wanting to do experimentation on me. The fact that this vizard Ichigo Kurosaki is the strongest soul reaper that has every come this place called Karakura town. The most damn thing of all is friendship hmph the only friend that I would have is my zanpakuto nothing more because of my problems. I don't need friends to mope along with me it pathetic how people care and sooner or later they'll turn on you.

Goals: Taking the seikeimon and completely dissapear from the Soul Society and Karakura town forever which I'll do eventually. Another goal would be regaining my focus and training everyday to make my spiritual powers grow stronger. The recreation of a soul destruction power which I can

Fears: Because of what Dr. Necker did to me everything that I used to be afraid of has been completely erased....I fear nothing yet this fear can be controllled just have disconnect it.


Weaknesses: Because of this damn cancer because I'm cured doesn't mean the side effects are gone every once every seven years. My spiritual powers kinda messed up reduced from full powers to 60%. I don't know why it

Phobias: Medical Needles (But No more)


Bio: Kade Warren the son of Miles and Abagail Warren really wanted to a normal kid but times were really bad for him. Before his was born, Abagail developed cancer with was worse if he she had a child. Both her and Kade were treated by local doctors saying the child would die soon and that his time was running out. The Warren Family didn't let something like cancer get them down they tried to make the best of it. Kade was a happy kid making good friends with the local friends. Three years passed and Kade started getting sicker the cancer was spreading. The family realized their child was dying as problems started happening like refusal for food and hourly seizures. One morning, Abagail and Miles went to check on their son and they notice that he stopped breathing as they tried reviving him. Miles felt no pulse his son was dead which Kade's funeral was the next day. This was just the beginning for the young boy. Kade woke up th next day seeing his mother crying as he tried to run to her the child stops. He notices a chain connected to his chest as he was trying to figure out what was going on. Then he hears his mother saying that he was dead. Kade tried to touch her but it was like the boy was just pass right threw her.

A soul reaper appeared and used konsu upon him but he didn't even enter into the Rukongai district. He was actually given the chance to become a soul reaper at a young age which he didn't do well in the academy in the beginning. Growing up was hard but he managed to get through some obstacles in his life then finally graduating from the academy. He gave his zanpakuto a name know as Myou Kyoukan which suited it very well. Kade was supposed to go into the Ninth Division but Dr. Evelyn Necker had other plans for the shinigami. Kade actually refused the experimentation heading back into the Soul society, he didn't want any part of science being done to his body.

Truthfully, his memory about his past was leaving him forgetting everything about his human life to him it was an ancient memory. However, Kade still had the effects of the cancer even though he was healthy the process still left his face a little disfigured. During missions, Kade started becoming bitter amon other shinigami a spot was open for squad eleven and he refused. Members of Squad Two were wondering why a person who refused that spot even some captains were baffled.

During some mission Kade would help people then he would just walk away some of the captains wonder why he wasn't socialable like the others. Then he started taking up solo missions which the Soul society wasn't fond on doing but Kade kept pushing the envelope during dangeruous missions which even the captains wouldn't do. A captain requested Kade to be in a squad and he refused because he didn't want no part in people telling him what to do. Yet that made a captain furious at him which Kade back away quickly from her. During some missions, Kade became cold and silent yet quickly enough he finished every mission to which some people couldn't do even the hardest and deadly missions. He would come back and not worry about the pain leaving some soul reapers to fear him. Still some of the captains wonder where he came from and why he refused joining both Division Two and Division Six squads. It was because of his anti-social attitude. During his training, Kade accomplish learning his shikai abilities of his zanpakuto which the first he felt the silence of a room while being alone. It was hard nut challenge actually it took months to master his shikai abilities but he wanted to learn bankai but people kept hassling him about missions and so it kept it busy and yet he couldn't fulfill that training yet.

During his time becoming a soul reaper, he just would exiled himself from the others and just train this was a problem because people wanted Kade to socialize with others. Kade refused to talk to anybody about his problems still he kept quiet and did his missions as best he could. Kade began becoming more then a lone shinigami still trying to avoid conservation to the point he never attended any meetings which the Soul society. Kade thought he should leave the Soul society his problems couldn't be helped at all then he walked away from the Soul society. He didn't want to end up in the maggot's nest so he somehow he would have risk leaving. He lefted the Soul society finally having enough time to completely keep his spiritual pressure hidden from everybody including the hollows. A full investigation of Kade Hiroshima was taken place within the Soul society wanted to know if he was still alive and if so why did he leave. Kade lefted the Soul society with a gigai intact hiding in Karakura town then taking a bus to Karakura City. He kept himself hidden underground when shortly arriving but years later the shinigami decided to start training. Kade started with some kidou abilities learning a just a few hado and only two bakudou kido powers. Luckily, Dr. Necker placed a book of kido lessons before his departure really it was simple to learn some kidou attacks like hado and bakudou. There was one short problem the book only instructions for both hado and bakudou up to 50. If they caused noise while training, he would hide somewhere else. Kade continued his kidou training along with increasing the power of his zanpakuto.
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PostSubject: Re: Kade Hiroshima   Kade Hiroshima I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 25, 2011 9:22 pm

you need to first claim your rank on this site before posting your application

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PostSubject: Re: Kade Hiroshima   Kade Hiroshima I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 30, 2011 5:03 pm

I'm just requesting former shinigami that is the only claim I want...
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PostSubject: Re: Kade Hiroshima   Kade Hiroshima I_icon_minitime

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Kade Hiroshima
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