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 Jeth Sobek (WIP)

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Jeth Sobek

Jeth Sobek

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PostSubject: Jeth Sobek (WIP)   Jeth Sobek (WIP) I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2011 4:01 pm


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Jeth Sobek

Gender: Male

Age: 306

Visual Age: Early twenties

Rank: Segunda Espada

Sexual Orientation: Straight (Girls only)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Blood Type: AB

Family Members: None

Birth Date: January 13th, 1705

Star Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Food: Living Souls

Least Favorite Food: Fish

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance:

Image One

Image Two

Image Three

As shown, Jeth has an almost saintly appearance, contrasted by the darkness of his eyes. His clothing often makes him look almost like a priest. He has large muscles, but his baggy clothing hides them. Over his clothing he wears a few pieces of a strange dark reddish armor, and some necklaces and belts made of the same substance. Among them is his favorite trinket, a long chain necklace with an image of a screaming face attached to it (shown in picture). Jeth's vanity is reflected in his angelic look. His pure white clothing fails to hide the blackness of his soul.

Also, as shown in the picture, Jeth has wings. He has two smaller pairs feathered wings, and one large pair of metallic wings (shown in second image). He has covered them in thorned vines and red roses. They're firmly attached to his skeleton, and are fused with his zanpakuto.

His standard clothing consists of a large coat, a smaller coat, a pair of white pants and a pair of long black leather boots with copper armor plates attached to them and strong rubber soles.

Hollow Hole Location: Jeth's hollow hole is more of a mouth. It is located in the center of his chest, within his hollow mask remnants. It does not go through his body, but rather forms a bottomless abyss. The mouth is closed normally, but when opened all one sees is endless black depths.

Hollow Mask Remains: Rather than having a broken piece of mask, Jeth has an entire mask fully intact. It looks something like an old opera mask, with only black and white as it's colors. It has a black diamond in the forehead, and two black feathers attached to it just beneath the far outer sides of the cheekbones, one on each side. The area around the eyes is blackened, and the area beneath the eyes looks stained by black tears running down the cheeks. The rest of the mask is pure white. The teeth of the mask aren't very well defined, and they are fused with the lips. The mask has an overbite, covering the lower half of the mouth. The mask is fused into the center of is chest and is mostly covered by skin, but can resurface if desired.

Tattoo Location: Back of neck.

Reiatsu Color: Black with small amounts of white static

Height: 6'5" (Six feet five inches)

Weight: 313 Lbs. (Heavier due to strong body and wings)

Body Type: Heavy - Muscular

Extra Information: Jeth has no belly button and no nipples.




Jeth hates being seen as less than someone. He is arrogant and selfish, loving no one more than he loves himself. He always wants his own power, his own glory, regardless of how evil he has to be to get what he wants. Jeth never tolerates disgrace or ridicule, or at the very least is patient when avenging his pride.

Blood Rage

Jeth appears calm despite his dark look, but he conceals a powerful malice towards others. Most of the time he just doesn’t care about other people, but when someone slows him down or bothers him, Jeth gets pissed. Jeth generally holds a grudge against anyone who works against him. The innocent had better stay out of his way.


Women have a special power over Jeth. Ordinarily he takes no notice of other entities unless they’re important. He goes as far as to ignore the weaker Espada members even. Where these Espada fail, however, attractive women succeed. A well shaped female not only receives Jeth’s instant attention but his favor as well. His sexual desires are powerful and can weaken his judgement at times.


Jeth never quits, if nothing else. When he cannot immediately satisfy a goal, he tends to be more patient and continues to work at it over time. He has a very strong will and tends to be uncompromising. The more failures Jeth runs into during the completion of a task, the more he wants to finish it.

Passionate Goal

Jeth is a philosopher of sorts, despite his haughtily aggressive nature. He believes that all life follows a pattern of balance and dual concepts, two things drawn to each other and separated by some form of supreme being or God. He hates this God and balance, believing it to be the source of all evil and suffering. Jeth believes that for all to be good, positive and negative must become one again. This goal, and something of a grudge against God, drives Jeth in most of what he does. The ideal world of harmony be envisions contrasts with his selfishness, but motivates him strongly nonetheless.


Jeth doesn’t care about the Shinigami or Arrancar. Its just another soulless power struggle for him, and he merely chose he side that benefited him. He is apathetic to those who suffer and those who rule, viewing them as unavoidable objects in a conflicted world. He only really cares about things relevant to him, things that can effect him like who the hollow king is or if his fraccion is a pretty girl. However, not caring is not instinct for Jeth, but a choice to ignore the suffering and cruelty of others for the sake of becoming stronger.


When Jeth became Espada, it wasn’t because he was such a good little hollow. It was because he was strong, trained himself for that goal, and killed many other hollows and Arrancar to achieve it. He is always trying to move up the ladder, slowly sometimes but persistently. Jeth has no intention of remaining at his current rank either. Jeth believes he has nowhere else to go but up, and that is exactly what he plans.

Likes: Blood, pretty girls, sex, power, knowledge, Shinigami girls, Arrancar girls, winning, being dominant, making things, being a leader, training, being stronger than others, philosophy, being smarter than others, drinking blood, eating souls, rainy days, thunderstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes, pleasure, puzzles, games, combat, sleeping a lot, dreams, dream interpretation, girls with colorful hair

Dislikes: Losing, males, challenges, insults, pointless conversations, not knowing what to do, seafood, insects, girls who don’t like him, people with higher ranks, people stronger or smarter than him, bad luck, sunny days, puzzles he can’t solve, relying on others, peace, downtime, not getting enough sleep, people disturbing his rest, failing to kill those who disturb his sleep


1. Kill God
2. Become the strongest Arrancar
3. Get some hot girls for my Fraccion
4. Destroy the universe? Maybe.
5. Sleep”

- From Jeth’s ‘To do list’.

Insecurities: Hates those better than him

Fears: Weakness, incompetence


Strong willed
Can be Patient





Apathetic towards most people

Scares others at times




Jeth was born in 18th century Prussia (Germany). It was a small nation then, but armed with a powerful military. Jeth lived under the rule of Frederick William the first, who strengthened the Prussian military and bureaucracy. Originally he was poor and without much parental care, since his parents had abandoned him at a young age, but he survived and made his way into the city where he stole books as a young child. He was adopted by a noblewoman, Lady Helga, whose husband had died and possessed no suitable heirs to her family fortune. She had only daughters, and adopted Jeth when he was around he age of ten. She chose him because he could read, and was built strong for his age. But this was not all that made him special, there were many others Helga could have chosen. Jeth had a special spiritual power that enabled him to read human minds. He has lost the power over the centuries, but back then he had been able to use it to charm Lady Helga. He had practiced it on commoners as a child, and could control it just enough to use it.

Jeth was chosen as heir and Lady Helga fabricated a story about him being a distant nephew. For many years, Jeth was her passion, her only son. She married off her daughters to other strong families and focused on educating Jeth, who showed signs of being a genius. He studied many subjects and did well in his schooling, but despised religion. He went along with it only for social acceptance but hated it in his heart. He grew to be much taller than others in that time. His strong body, as well as his pale skin and intimidating features, made him look a fine young noble when he came of age. He was well educated and had a bright future ahead of him… until Lady Helga died of lung disease.

Jeth claimed birthright as heir, but lost his promised place to one of Lady Helga’s brothers, who proved that Jeth was an illegitimate child. He was without fortune, but was given a small bit of fortune at the mercy of the uncle. He lived for a few months in a small home on money from Helga‘s family, before deciding to join the thriving Prussian military. Although he did not have the inheritance he had wanted, he was educated and intimidating, armed with sharp social skills. He made his way in as a low officer and worked his way up, reaching the rank of Colonel. This was, of course, mostly due to his instinctive use of his spiritual powers.

However, Jeth’s brilliant military career ended short. At the age of thirty five, he was bitten by a wolf with rabies. He struggled against the disease, but had poor medical care. He ended up dying slowly in an infirmary, and was soon staring at his own corpse rotting on an old wooden table. Respiratory failure was what had killed him, and living through the suffocation had been the worst experience of his life. A chain attached him to his failure, a lifeless mound of dead flesh constantly reminding him that he had died. He thought clearer now, and wasn’t as sick. It hurt terribly, but he fought to separate from it, tearing at the chain as hard as he could… until everything changed.

Jeth became a powerful hollow, due to his strong will and high spiritual potential. He ate many humans before entering Hueco Mundo, where he thrived as a great predator. For decades, he devoured souls and hunted hollows, until he evolved into a Gillian class menos. It was then that he had begun to remember things beyond the hunger he felt. Feelings from the past, strong, unsatisfied desires left unanswered for many years. These impulses motivated him, gradually strengthening his individuality as he devoured other hollows. And within a few more decades, he became an Adjuchas class menos. Now he had even more free thought and individuality. He began to remember more about his history, the injustices that life had dealt him.

But his name-- what was it? He couldn’t remember. No matter how hard he tried. He decided he would have to keep hunting. It seemed that the stronger he got, the more he remembered. So that is exactly what he decided to do. And he hunted relentlessly for nearly a century, reaching his 180th year of afterlife. It was then that he evolved yet again, into a powerful Vasto Lorde. Now he remembered everything. His birthday, his earliest thoughts, but still no name. Jeth then realized something. He remembered no name, because it was a lie. An empty label used to belittle a person.

Jeth then chose his own name, the name we know him by today. He still devoured hollows in hopes of becoming stronger. He was addicted to growth. Strength was a precious love in his heart, and despite the lack of need, he still ate hollows. He felt that he had reached some sort of… limit. This terrified him, so much so that he hunted even more relentlessly. But after fifty more years of hunting, he realized it just wasn’t working. There had to be another solution. And then it came. The one thing that he hid behind, his remaining weakness; a hidden face. He didn’t need to hide or lie to himself any longer about who he was, he knew.

Jeth began to travel with other Vasto Lorde in search of the new power he sought. They scoured the white sands for years but, never truly bonded. Their pack was formed by need and remained professional. However, Jeth was stunned when he one day encountered another Vasto Lorde who showed them all an amazing technique. He ripped off his mask, and transformed into a strange new being. He called himself an 'Arrancar', and claimed to have learned the technique from other Arrancars. This new Arrancar was sadly killed shortly afterwards by the other Vasto Lordes, who panicked after witnessing the transformation. Jeth left their group shortly afterwards, to become a Vasto Lorde. The technique was burned into his memory, and after revisiting it many times, he tore away his own mask successfully and became an Arrancar.

After successfully becoming an Arrancar, Jeth was on a power trip for years. He loved ruling the hollows weaker than him. He organized a small empire even, overrunning weaker hollow tribes. Jeth lived like a king, capturing Shinigami women for his ‘entertainment’ and reveling in his pleasures. However, one day he came across a certain feeling of emptiness, around the age of two hundred sixty. His pleasures gradually faded, and he felt like he needed to remember something precious, something dear to him. He left his small empire and freed the women he had taken, allowing them to return home. Some of his closest followers went with him, but his brooding depression sent them away eventually.

Jeth realized he did not know the meaning of life. All that he had done was meaningless. Power without purpose was useless. He knew he had once felt purpose, euphoric bursts of understanding somewhere within his memory…. Or imagination. Still he pursued this feeling in his thoughts, until he finally formed his philosophies. The world being based on a pattern, and this tragic pattern being the cause of all evil and destruction. Jeth drew upon intense emotions of darkness and goodwill alike. He made his resolution in his 297th year of life. A goal to fix the universe and create a utopia where all is good.

But his dreams mixed with his darker thoughts. Utopia fueled his ambition, and was used as an excuse by his darkness. Jeth felt the hunger again. It was a hunger different from a Hollow’s, a terrible hunger within one’s heart. It drove him to join the Arrancar, whom he discovered a few years later. When he first encountered the Espada, he immediately hated them for being strong. He chose his target, and made his way into Espada by defeating them. Over the next six years he repeated a cycle of training and challenging, and fought his way to the esteened position of Segunda Espada. But this is still not enough for Jeth, and the ambition within him may drive him further…..

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PostSubject: Re: Jeth Sobek (WIP)   Jeth Sobek (WIP) I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2011 4:14 pm

Righto Jeth. All in all, you're definitely on the right track. But, like all things, there's always improvement to be made

Bio: Beef this section up beyond that of a list of matter of fact things such as "He ate some more hollow and became an Adjuchas". Personalize it to a deeper level, one that allows everything to be envisioned in minute details. The degree and means by which he found ways to evolve is not expanded on here. His years as a Vasto Lorde are also lacking. There's another area too in regards to his human death. You never explained just HOW he had an impressive reiatsu to begin with. See where I'm going? Small tibbits of information and side stories will fill this section up.

Hollow Mask Remains: Where on his body is this full mask located?
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Jeth Sobek (WIP)
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