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PostSubject: HELP WANTED   Sat Feb 05, 2011 7:17 pm

As you can see our staff is empty handed. I'd Like to change that if possible. All though I'm capable of doing it all on my own, helpers would be nice so i can actually partake in the forum as well. Starting positions would be simple moderators eventually being promoted to Admins based on their overall performance and my own thoughts of them. I'll be taking Applications via PM until i decide to close this topic. At which point, I will no longer accept applications and start hand selecting members who are capable of becoming staff member. The Application is listed below in the code box. Keep in mind that this is strictly professional and anything less will be discarded at once. Anyone who is accepted will be sent a follow-up PM as well as being added into the staff members topic.

Name: (First name only)

Primary Account: (This will be the account you will be given moderator status to if accepted. Never moderate with any other account to avoid confusion.)

Age: (shouldn't be confusing)

Years in RP: (estimating is fine, but please say that it is an estimate if your unsure)

Aggression level: (Rate yourself on how angry you get on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being explosive)

Previous Experience: (what position(s) have you held in the past and for how long. Estimating is accepted, no need to be exact)

Contact Information: (what active site(s) are you currently a staff member of that I can contact to see how well you preform as a moderator. You must provide a URL address, names mean nothing.Preferably one where you are not webmaster. Not needed if the answer to the previous question was no. If you are currently not being a staff member, please answer with atleast one url of a place you have)

Skills: (are you good at anything in particular? HTML, Photoshop, Portal design, Knowledgeable of the admin panel, or anything of that nature?)

Interest: (why do you want to be a staff member? what separates you from the others? What do you bring to the playing field?)

Additional Information: (is there anything else you would like to tell me?)
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