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What is your favorite anime division?
Division 1
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Division 2
Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_lcap9%Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_rcap
 9% [ 2 ]
Division 3
Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_lcap4%Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_rcap
 4% [ 1 ]
Division 4
Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_lcap0%Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_rcap
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Division 5
Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_lcap9%Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_rcap
 9% [ 2 ]
Division 6
Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_lcap4%Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_rcap
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Division 7
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Division 8
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Division 9
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Division 10
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 13% [ 3 ]
Division 11
Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_lcap30%Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_rcap
 30% [ 7 ]
Division 12
Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_lcap4%Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_rcap
 4% [ 1 ]
Division 13
Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_lcap17%Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_vote_rcap
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Total Votes : 23
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Hiryu Koga

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PostSubject: Koga Hiryu{Wip}   Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 16, 2011 1:56 pm


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Koga Hiryu




Visual Age:18

Rank: lieutenant,Commander of the Patrol Corps

Division: 2

Sexual Orientation: straight

Extra Information: (optional. Things that didn’t go into the other categories would go here)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type:B−

Family Members:

Birth Date:march 24

Star Sign:Aries

Favorite Food: Takoyak

Least Favorite Food:anything spicy

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance:
all black accept the scarf is white

Reiatsu Color: white



Body Type:slim

Extra Information: he is a mute in a since he can speak just chooses not to


Personality: although he tries to to stay true to the shinobi way and carries out missions while showing no emotion at all in truth although he solitary person he has very protective and never wishes to see some harmed unnecessary he exceptionally soft spot for small animals

Likes: small animals,children

Dislikes: crowds,noisy places

Goals: to survive

Insecurities: he hate to be seen without his mask


Strengths: like most members of Second Division Hiryu specializes in speed and stealth

Weaknesses: he lack overall raw attacking power

Phobias: none

Extra Information: (optional. Things that didn’t go into the other categories would go here)


life and death

Hiryu was born in feudal Japan as member of the amiku ninja. as young child Hiryu displayed exceptional skill in the shinobi arts so much so that at age of eighteen he was given the duty of being guardian to Daimyo's oracle Shiho a young girl about 10 years old who was said to be able to sense danger this was actually by product of High Reiatsu he would serve this duty for three year soon protecting her for both ninja and samurai while develop an brotherly bond with the young lady but one night a hollow would sense Shiho Reiatsu and attack her while he tried to fight in he end proved no match for the beast and had no chioce but watch Shiho be killed by the invisible monster as he was sure he would bare the fate and he did die that day however he was save from the fate of being consumed by the hollow by the local soul reaper

after death he arrived in district #80 of the North Alley of Rukongai this area of the rukongai was particularly full of violence and lawlessness as such Hiryu was constantly attacked however the natural skills he attained during his past life became prevalent allow him to fight almost completely off pure instinct this instinct combined with fighting experience would soon make him into skillful fighter and soon he would gain the a powerful reputation within the district as dangerous man he would spend most of travel around North Alley fighting battle and killing anyone who got in his way while traveling he would stumble upon a group of children wearing elegant kimonos Yamamoto, Karin, kanda and soto,he tought about robing the but even he felt low stealing from kids he ask why "why are you here,where your parents" they responded but "we don't have any well not any more they with us two day but these men attacked and left us here and ran away" "do you know were they are mister?" he answer "two days uh well by now their probably dead" tquicklheir eyes began two water the oldest Yamamoto yell your wrong their still alive and their coming back get us you'll see" Hiryu sighs he didn't understand why shed tears for people who left them to die he but he simply let got whatever he says as he turn around to leave when he heard grumbling.. sound "when was the last you ate" he asked the kids eye still fulled with "none of business" Yamamoto answered Hiryu sighed "well if your hungry than you can eat this"he tosses a bag of bread to them then the youngest Karin yells "thank you oniisan" Hiryu turn but then continues to walk away i hope you enjoy that bread in those clothes it will probably be your last meal Hiryu felt kinda bad for them not a lot guys around here as nice me they probably be dead by morning oh well i have no obligation to help i mean i already gave them food oh well he thought as he setup his camp a couple of hours past and a loud scream wake him up from his sleep it probably those kids he sighs damn those kids as he grabs his sword and headed for the spot he saw them last when he got there he see two bandit with sword pointed the kids he walks up to bandit and simply commanded to release them at first the were skeptical but they quickly identified him and thought of the reputation they would
gain if they was able to defeat him but he quickly stuck them down but as he about to deliver the final blow he look around to see all the kids look on this was not something that need see so he let go he turn to kids "how about you come with me at least till parents come back" the kids agreed "but only till our parents come back"

journey to Seireitei

a week later "hey oniisan when are our parents are goner come to get us" said Karin he thought about tell them they were dead again but that would just make them start that crying thing again "i don't know" he answered "well maybe there already home"said Karin "yea that it their probably home waiting for us" Yamamoto said in agreement kanda and soto also nodding "well" "well what"Hiryu responded "well take us there" exclaimed Yamamoto "there where" Hiryu responded "well were els home stupid" exclaimed Yamamoto" home were" Hiryu responded "we don't know" they said you don't know where you live"we know where we live we just don't know where it is at" Yamamoto responded "
well what part of rukongai are you from" eh were not from the rukongai we live in a big white house with these huge white gates and with men who alway carries around swords the heireitei" "what don't tell you guys are from Seireitei"yea that it the it heireitei do you know here it is" as Karin "yea the southern gate is not far for here" Hiryu responded "so take us their"asked Yamamoto "i can't" Hiryu responded "why not" yelled Yamamoto "because if i get near that place that kill me where i stand Hiryu responded"but before he say anything els he kid eye had started had fulling with tears "please we just want to go home and see mommy daddy please please" they fine he yelled i take to the gate but an inch further.hell even death had to better then there constance whining plus if i don't die judging by they got on i'll be set for life

leader of the pack
after two day of travailing "oniisan are we there yet" asked Karin just a "little longer"he responded as the arrived at the giant white gate with south written on on it ... suddenly a voice cried out calling to children

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PostSubject: Re: Koga Hiryu{Wip}   Koga Hiryu{Wip} I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2011 9:37 pm

this topic is over a month old, if you do not say you are editing it within 3 days it will be added to the archives and you will forfeit your rank

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