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PostSubject: Shura   Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:20 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Name: Nobura, Shun

Alias: Shura

Gender: Male

Age: 265

Visual Age: 24

Rank: Captain

Division: 8th

Sexual Orientation: Straight as a circle, i mean ruler

Extra Information: N/A

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional
Blood Type: O+

Family Members: The House of Nobura, status disinherited

Birth Date: September, 26th

Star Sign: Libra

Favorite Food: N/A

Least Favorite Food: He doesn't enjoy most candies

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
General Appearance:
Reiatsu Color: Green

Height: 188cm / 6'18"

Weight: 92 kg / 202.4 lbs

Body Type: Average Slim Muscular

Extra Information: N/A


”Rebel spirit"

Shun is content to let others live according to their own rules and wishes, as long it don't interfere with him, the work is done and the favor is reciprocated, as he remember how much he hated to be controlled almost puppet like, having to follow orders and rules all the time when young. He's able to tolerate or just ignore many things not caring about it. He's also impatient with people who just can't forget about rules and plans in order to follow their own instincts or take their own decisions at least one time, fearing not to succeed without even trying.

”Sharp Edge”

Even been skillful in the art of the sword, for him the main point isn't to fight a great fight or some kind of honorable fight, it is to be prepared so you can surprise your enemy finishing it as soon as possible, instead wanting to give some show if fighting is really needed, as he tries to avoid confronts the most he can. Quality been something that he always ask from his subordinates in their work and everything they do in exchange for their almost total freedom in the division.

"Cold steel”

Whenever fighting his friendly personality turns colder, with a fighting spirit that refuses to lose no matter what. He may be against fighting, but is extremely proficient and precise when at it, able to improvise in order to bring results, taking risks to grab chances to attack or counter attack his enemy, confusing them and making them don't have enough time to think in a proper way to react to counter back or response to his attack properly.

"Vagrant Heart”

He likes companion no matter who or what rank it is and enjoy simple things such as drinking and talking with friends, as he don't see why someone would avoid doing it besides been totally anti-social. When all alone he's usually been found wandering, either reading some old book or meditating at random places around the Seireitei when not sleeping on his quarters. Due his lack of worry about things, it also makes him most of time, just talk whatever comes into his head without thinking about who's around or who's hes talking to.

Likes: To sleep, tranquility, play cards or similar games

Dislikes: Long term plans, confronts, mornings, people without will

Goals: Help to maintain the peace in Soul Society after so many conflicts within it and against the arrancars.

Insecurities: Even been pretty much talkative and open, he have serious problems trying to keep a talk or talking with women after noticing theres no one besides them around.

Fears: N/A

Strengths: (Optional, but recommended)

Weaknesses: (Need to have one for every strength mentioned)

Phobias: N/A

Extra Information: N/A


Bio: (please don't over do this. Yes it is good to have a lot of information but a pillar of text is too much. I'm looking for major events and how your character came into power.)

He was from one of the noble houses of soul society, his family been divided into two branches, the military one and those who preferred to not get involved with such matters, what used to cause some serious conflicts within it. Shun grew up been pushed to responsibilities and duties that he should learn how to solve by his self, not having too much or almost any free time for what he really wanted or wished to do.

Every day his routine was either solely based on training about how to properly defend his self and how to use a sword, practicing with private soldiers, or studying deep learning about history, ethics, rules... things that them as nobles should always know and remember well, or at least that was what he was told.

When he was finally asked join the shinigami academy he refused at first as he enjoyed to train, but found that a bit too much. Then realizing that like that he would be able to gain some kind of freedom he finally decided to give a try and join it.

During his early years on the Shinigami Academy, he was a reserved and calm student until discovering how his family used their influence causing interferences. After that he slowly stopped caring about most of the academy rules, as if he tried the most to be expelled from it, even so besides been a noble he was also a student with great skill, what contributed for not been kicked from it.

After graduating he was called to go back as had already finished his studies and gained his zanpakuto, but decided to accept the call of any division in order to not have to go back to his old life and ended sent to the 11th division, having them probably misunderstanding his fighting spirit and his will to fight. For acting like that he was disinherited from almost all of most of his rights as a noble only keeping its name, as they were tired of keep cleaning all of his mess, it was when he started to call him self as Shura. Even not liking to fight that much and unnecessarily, soon he easily managed to reach the high ranks of the division, after been able to gain and control his shikai.

He became tired for been underestimated for avoiding having to fight over and over, usually the same opponents which always tried to hit him using the same tactics and maneuvers, what for him was a waste of time and tiresome.

Wanting to leave that division, he knew that just asking for a transference would be something degrading, as if he wasn't good enough to stay there, when in fact he just couldn't stand it anymore, making the only way to leave it been becoming a captain. After training during several years, and almost giving up, he was finally able to achieve bankai after understanding the simple nature of his zanpakuto.

After becoming a captain and gaining trust of his men and fellows, he's ways of acting are still worrisome sometimes, even always wishing for the best way to achieve and maintain peace in Soul Society.


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PostSubject: Re: Shura   Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:45 pm

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