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 Era of Shadows| S&M RP Site

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EoS Admi

PostSubject: Era of Shadows| S&M RP Site   Sat May 07, 2011 10:07 pm


Welcome to Era Of Shadows

In a time of peace and equality there is a secret that contradicts everything that the rich say the world is built on, the fact that those who aren't powerful mythical species are kept locked up. Humans are experimented on and weaker species are also experimented on and kept as slaves to the powerful. To any outsider, or normal person in the town around the huge castle town it is a place of peace and perfection... the outsider could never hope to set foot in the castle town outside of the monthly markets that are held. The market is to catch the thieves of the normal people and make them into experiments to be owned by the powerful.

Although a small group of outsiders are trying to find out just what is happening, at least when their own young prince and princess disappear and two mysterious new servants that look like the siblings only with animal parts show up at one of the most powerful castle owners. The ones who noticed started a group to research and work to gather friends within the castle, some even taking on the appearance of like the ones who live in the castle to spy. Some even married into the rich and powerful to find out, but marriages aren't always good some are just simple ways of gathering more people to experiment on and make into slaves.

Decide on what you want to do: maybe own someone, maybe belong to someone, or maybe just live a normal life outside the world of slavery.


We have an admin who refuses to give up; thus you can probably expect it not to close. Plus if you don't like any of the skins you can make your own and one of the staff will make it for you. If you don't think the ad is good then at least come and see if our plot is any good since we only have part of the plot as the ad.
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Era of Shadows| S&M RP Site
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