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Tai Yoshimi

Tai Yoshimi

Rank : Fraccion Leader
Attack : 30
Defense : 40
Intelligence : 30
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Tai Empty
PostSubject: Tai   Tai I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 12:42 pm


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Yoshimi, Tai

Alias: Número 11

Gender: Female

Age: 645 years old

Visual Age: 15 years old

Rank: Fraccion of the Cero 'Spada

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Extra Information: N/A

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: O

Family Members: A father descended of "royalty" and a prostitute mother. She lived with a stepmother, her father, and her two step brothers for two years. She also had an adoptive mother, who raised her for the majority of her childhood. All of her family members have died long ago.

Birth Date: April 1st, 1336

Star Sign: Aries

Favorite Food: Yoshimi has a a deep love of anything spicy and hot. She also likes steak, chicken, pork, candy, mashed potatoes, and peaches.

Least Favorite Food: Living souls, such as Hollows and Humans

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance: Tai Yoshimi is a short female, with a skinny body. She has tanned, peachy skin and magenta hair. Her hair is cut short, ending just above her shoulders. Her nose is tiny, and her lips are small with a red rosy tint. Her arms and legs are a bit lanky, ending in fleshy hands. Her eyes are large, with electric blue irises and pure white sclera. She has a dark, salmon colored tattoo of a sparrow on her stomach. A loose woven gold band sits on her upper arm, and it is her only piece of jewelry that she wears. As for clothing, Tai wears a pure black bikini bra, attached to a loose white top. This top is lined in yellow cloth, with an angel pin in the center. She also wears black and white bikini underwear, covered by a short white skirt. The skirt is kept held in place by a small pin-on button. Tai wears knee-high black boots, without heels, along with fingerless white gloves.

Hollow Hole Location: It is located on her diaphragm.

Hollow Mask Remains: A diadem with a curved, spiral pendant. The diadem is white in color, yet appears to be grayish in the shadows. It is held in place by a thin, round strap that extends around her head. The diadem is positioned at the crown of her forehead, and most of it is hidden by her hair.

Tattoo Location: N/A

Reiatsu Color: Hot pink, with streaks of dark goldenrod yellow.

Height: 4'9”

Weight: 95 lb.

Body Type: Slender and slim

Extra Information: She carries 4 small daggers, strapped to her left upper thigh.


Personality: While strange, Yoshimi isn't like her Arrancar allies. She doesn't like to fight all to much, but she doesn't look down on those do. It's what they fight for that Yoshimi inspects. If they are simply fight to create chaos and bloodshed, she will severely dislike them. If they fight for honor, it is likely she will greatly respect them. She isn't the type to blindly follow others either, and thinks it's good to have a healthy amount of suspicion about those around you. Especially in her race. Living as long as she had, Yoshimi has seen many things during her Hollow life and her Human life. It is safe to say it has taught her well. This does not mean she is perfect. What sets her apart from the others is her intelligence and her emotions. After gaining her Arrancar state, she received a vast amount of humane characteristics, both bad and good. She's prone to getting angry quite easily, usually when someone criticizes her or her friends. While her outbursts are commonly viewed as naïve to the untrained eye, it just shows how much she cares for others. She gives the proper amount of respect to her superiors, the Espada, even if she doesn't like them.

Yoshimi is fantastic at hiding her sad and happy emotions, yet is still unsuccessfully attempting to conquer her anger problems. She has built up an emotional shield, portraying her as a slightly bossy and hyper individual, when she's just as lonely and slightly upset on the inside. She's good at expressing emotions, provided she wants to. Yoshimi has a good sense of humor and enjoys playing pranks on those around, especially her master. She likes observing others, or as the other Arrancar would call it, stalking. Though, she only stalks when she is suspicious or bored. Yoshimi will commonly avoid those she doesn't like as much as she can, as the girl sees no reason to be around them. While somewhat caring, Yoshimi is still overwhelmed by the mannerisms of her race. You would think her longevity would of erased that aspect of personality, but it is not so. This is most obvious when people lust after her. She was never taught how to deal with such things as sex and physical advances, and for this reason, she gets very awkward and unsteady around people who take those actions. This doesn't mean she dislikes physical proximity.

She just dislikes it in that romantic way. Yoshimi adores sitting on peoples shoulders, along hugging and cuddling. Due to her small frame and low weight, she can usually get away with it too. She is a very, very good judge of character. Yoshimi spends most of her time watching actions, facial expressions, tendencies, things of that sort. This aids her in determining how and what a person acts like. She can easily uncover personalities from the best of actors. As long as Yoshimi isn't being taunted or mocked, she's very calm when confronted with danger or the like. Even when she is under intense pressure she can manage to keep her ground. On average days, Yoshimi is a quirky and chipper individual. It's likely to see her smiling and skipping around Las Noches, playing childish games and watching others. There's a certain other-worldly charm to her, the oblivious and innocent look in her bright eyes has attracted many others. She is known as one of the few Arrancar who still hold that sweet presence, something that was lost by most long ago.

As for true love, however kindhearted and dreamy the girl is, she doesn't believe in it. Her heart has been broken before, and even though she can find another love, innocence is something you can't mend. She usually rejects anyone who makes advances towards her, the fear of being broken again lodged in her mind. It's rare to see her flirt, unless she is drunk, which is also rare. Yoshimi is also extremely curious. She loves asking questions about things, like traditions and why people are a certain way. Those are her most frequent topics, but she will go on and ask about anything that intrigues her. While chipper and happy, she's a bit lonely. She always wanted someone to look up to and guide her, like a big brother. This is the only reason why she chose to become a Fraccion. She desired a familial bond, something that she wouldn't be able to achieve as an Espada. Tai looks for certain traits in a master, and picked hers based on her standards and moral. She is a bit stubborn and bossy, though she keeps it down to a minimum as long as she's happy.

Shinigami- Much like how a moth is drawn to a flame, this is a dangerous and strong fascination. She adores watching and studying Shinigami, their zanpaktou, even where they reside. This has lead to a particularly large knowledge of the Shinigami race. She keeps this obsession very secret, and won't tell anyone unless they have forced her to answer.

Intelligent Arrancars- She very much enjoys the company of these people. She likes gaining information, and hanging around those who are smart is a surefire way to learn.

Sleeping- Being lazy, Tai loves to sleep. Most of the time she is napping or sleeping in her quarters, and treats sleeping as a sport.

Spying on others- Occasionally, Tai will get somewhat bored with the usual routine of sleeping and eating cookies. So, she'll go on a aimless quest to stalk and watch. She puts very much consideration into who she watches, and finds it more entertaining than watching Humans.

Music- She really enjoys listening to music, dragging along a pair of headphones and music devices with her. Tai likes to listen to Human music, finding it so vibrant and fun. She adores music, but she can't sing at all.

Playing games- She likes playing around, being a fun-loving girl. Tai will play anything. Chess, hide and seek, tag, checkers. Anything. As long as there's an element of fun to it, she'll play it.

Inferior Hollows- She doesn't hate them, and they don't piss her off. There's just something about them that sets her off. So primal and feral...it aggravates her. She doesn't feel the need to kill them, but she would prefer it if they stayed away from her and her modest domain.

Snow- For some odd reason, she intensely dislikes snow. It is unknown why, as her unfortunate death had nothing to do with snow. The cold temperature it gives off reminds her of sadness. This dislike is not shared with ice, which she likes very much as long as it's sitting in her drink.

Manipulative people- Tai is absolutely disgusted and sick of those who manipulate others. She couldn't care less why you would be manipulating people. She doesn't excuse it if it's for entertainment, or to trick others. Tai won't even tolerate it if your trying to save an ally. She refuses to manipulate anyone, whether it be her closest friends or most despised enemies.

Being alone- Being alone causes Tai to think about her Human life and all the things that has happened. This projects an immense sadness on her mind, something that she never wants to feel.

Training- Tai doesn't like combat as is, and while she occasionally trains to get stronger, she doesn't really enjoy it when she does.

Pressure- It annoys her so much when she has pressure put on her. She can keep her calm mood, but it still pisses her off.

Goals: The only goal Yoshimi has is to get through her Hollow life, however long it may be, by separating herself from the brutes and idiots. She wants to be thought of as someone more than a Hollow, she wants to be someone with a legacy.

Insecurities: Being betrayed by her friends or her master.

Shinigami- While she likes observing them and studying them, she is still somewhat afraid of them and their power.

Physically flexible- While she is not strong, her body is immensely flexible. It is capable of performing feats that most Arrancar are incapable of, moving with the grace and fluidity of a feline.

Hierro- Her Hierro is abnormally strong for a Fraccion, making up for her lack in physical skills.

Bala- Her Bala is very fast, yet slightly above the average strength. It's hot pink in color.

Cero- Tai's Cero is a powerful blast, like most others. She mostly relies on using Cero, Bala, and her Hierro, along with employing her flexibility. The cero is dark goldenrod yellow in color, with a pink corona.

A Trained Eye- As mentioned in her personality, Tai can easily see past fake emotional fronts or lies. She can quickly figure out portions of a persons personality within minutes of meeting them, should they be hiding them. Such a strength was needed for her to pick a master, as the last thing she would want was a manipulative person by her side.

Physical strength- In this area of combat, she is somewhat lacking. Her kicks and punches aren't all that strong during Sealed, as Resurreccion enhances them a slight bit.

Sonido- She is just under the average speed of a Fraccion, which makes it hard for her to keep up with most, if not all, Espada.

Pesquisa- She is unable to use Pesquisa, yet she can still sense reiatsu presences around her.

Curiousity- It's good to have some amount of curiosity, but it's frequently caused trouble for Tai. Her curiosity in things is very high, and she can't help but want to investigate something intriguing.

Quick temper- As mentioned in her personality, Tai has quite a quick temper. It'll show whenever she is criticized or made fun of. If her friends or allies are ridiculed, she'll also get very angry. This is the only emotion she has difficulty masking.

Phobias: N/A

Extra Information: N/A


-Living an Apocryphal Life, she's Tai Yoshimi-

Tai Yoshimi was the third born of the Kemura Clan. She was born during the first year of the Muromachi Period, 1336, on April 1st. Her step-mother was Otsuka Kemura. Lady Otsuka was a rather haughty woman, with the frame of a thin skeleton. She was somewhat beautiful, with her long, flowing raven black hair. Her eyes were dark brown, and it was always rumored she could look into the soul of the darkest person. This was somewhat expected, as the woman herself was dark and crazy. She had wanted riches since she was a young girl, despite the fact she had been in a rich clan herself. Tais' father was a man by the name of Michiro Kemura. He was a weak willed man, yet very handsome. He had wavy, shoulder length brown hair and sharp features. He was the patriarch of the Kemura Clan. Michiro had taken Otsuka as his bride, both because his love for her and pressure of the clans. The Kemura Clan was particularly rich in their little area of Japan because they were sitting on a pile of diamonds and golds. It wasn't hard to discover how valuable this was to others. They hired guards, maids, servants, and ruled over the medium sized area. They declared it Kemurachi, or “Kemura Town”. It was ruled fairly well, by the townspeople, that is. The Kemura Clan was largely uninvolved with the community, relishing their riches and fortune. It happened to be on an August night that the patriarch, Michiro, took a visit into Kemurachi.

He walked around for a bit, eventually losing his way and wandering into the dark allies. Mind you, even though this makeshift city was run finely, there was still dark creatures lurking in the shadows. One such creature was Britta Neschze, a Russian female. She had migrated around the world, eventually making her way into Japan. She settled in the small town for the week, and would go on her way once more. She regarded herself as a 'tour guide of the lusting'. In other words, she was a prostitute. And a good one at that. She had a long fiery mane of red hair, and electrifying blue eyes. Her lips were soft like velvet, and dusted with crimson. Her body was kept in amazing shape, curvy and voluptuous. Britta was gorgeous, and could a break a mans heart with a snap of her fingers. Even though her profession was unfortunate, her personality was not. She was regarded as an angel with a heart of gold. Britta was kind and witty, often picking customers based on how they acted and treated her. That was why she picked Michiro. He was sweet, clumsy, and shy. They intertwined their fates that night. Once the morning arrived, Michiro stumbled back to his residence in a daze. He was questioned on his whereabouts by Otsuka, who constantly assumed the worst. Britta liked Michiro very much, so she decided to stay for a month or two. After a month had passed, it was evident she was pregnant.

But, since Britta made a living on the sins of others, she was unsure whos' child it was. She speculated Michiro many times, but ultimately avoided confronting him. What if she was killed for bringing him a child? Nonetheless, an [i]illegitimate[/u] child? She would surely be put to death. Hanged. And her child....her poor child would be cast out on the streets. Dead within' weeks. So, being the woman that she was, Britta stayed in town and kept under the wire. She had her child, Tai Neschze, on April 1st 1336. Out of paranoia, she left her baby at the stoop of the maids cabin. The maids worked for none other than the Kemura Clan. The head maid, Naomi Yoshimi, took in the child as her own. She knew of the girls heritage, as Britta had left a note in the basket Tai was left in. Naomi told no one else of her lineage, waiting for when the time was right. So, time when on, and Tai Neschze was raised as Tai Yoshimi. She was an apprentice maid, taking care of the cooking and some chores. Tai would listen obediently to the other maids, doing whatever chores they asked her do. As she grew, her beauty bloomed like a rose. Her hair had matured from red, to dark violet crimson. Her eyes were bright blue, like her mothers. Everytime Michiro looked at her, he'd see Britta. It haunted him greatly, so he confronted Naomi when Tai turned six years old. He asked how Naomi found the girl, and Naomi handed over the note.

He read it in horror after finding out the child was Brittas'. He, like the mistress Britta, was unsure if the child was indeed his. Either way, the following months, he took Tai into the Kemura Clan. The event was held, and attended by all. She was regarded as an orphan, with no were else to go. The Kemura took her in out of the goodness of their hearts, a cover. Naomi was promptly killed, to silence any possibility of their reputation being tarnished. She was regarded as the princess of the Kemura Clan, called by villagers “The Fool Princess”. Tai was known for her dreamy nature, often looking ahead without seeing what was around her. The two older boys liked their adoptive sister very much, unaware that they were somewhat linked. Otsuka though, hated her stepdaughter. Due to her own reasons, she proposed Tai become a geisha princess. After an agreement was reached, Otsuka plotted and planned. Each night, Otsuka would enter Tai's chambers and beat her senseless. Sometimes with a blunt instrument, other times with a whip. Her scars would be covered up by heavy layers of makeup and clothes. Tai hated being a geisha, mainly because she wasn't allowed to run around and play with her friends. The maids felt sorrow for the poor girl, as they eavesdropped on the beatings. After getting beaten severely on the eve of her 10th birthday, Tai decided she would run away. She packed up her things and exited the residence.

As she wandered back into the unruly town, she spotted a bright and fun group of travelers. There were fire eaters, contortionists, ringleaders, clowns, freaks of nature. It shocked and fascinated her at the same time. She spotted a boy about her age, a fire eater. His name was Shōjiki Tatchi . Young Tai asked what the people were during, and he replied they were a traveling circus. Tai smiled and clapped, deciding to tag along. The traveling circus left the next night, training Tai as a trapeze artist. Her other friend was a girl, about her age, named Ai Uwaki. Ai was a contortionist, and helped train Tai. They continued to travel and train for 4 more years. However, Tai wasn't put in any shows. Ai was always the main feature, shining up in the candle light. As they traveled, a romance blossomed between Tai and Shōjiki. They liked each other very much, throwing playful glances and flirty advances towards one another. Once Tai turned 14 however, they stopped traveling for a small festival about a 40 miles outside present day Karakura. Of course, back then, it was just a field of grass and cattle. There were a rather large crowd of settlers outside that area, bigger than Kemurachi. It was to be their big performance, and Tais' final day with her circus. The circus set up camp, with large tents and a fire pit. They had a set of brass fire stokers sitting around the outer edges of the pit by the path, a very valuable and rare commodity for mere travelers.

On the night, they constructed a large patched tent, made for the performance. Ai and Tai put on each others makeup, giggling and chatting. Each of them resembled gentle harlequins. As Tai went to practice her routines, she left Ai and Shōjiki in the large room, together and alone. After she went through the steps of each, she returned, only to find Ai and Shōjiki kissing passionately. This broke her heart and she ran from the room, out into the night. She sobbed as she ran on the path, stumbling around violently. Tai was running towards one of the numerous tents, one of which was owned by a suicidal clown lady. She figured the woman would have poison somewhere in the tent, as Tai had always seen the lady picking toxic herbs during the day. On her way there, however, Tai took the path by the fire pit. Unaware of the many rocks and pebbles scattered around the path, she tripped. Tai's body fell forward, heading straight for the fire stokers. She screamed painfully as she landed on one. It easily pierced through her diaphragm, and exited out of her neck. Gasping for air, Tai fell to the ground. The fire stoker was lodged in the upper portion of her body, passing through her left lung. She rested her head against the ground before finally perishing, lying in a pool of her own blood. Her eyes closed, exhaling her final breath. Then....it started up again.

-Roses on the Empty Grave-

Her spirit emerged from her body, appearing to be tethered to the ground by long chains. She had advanced straight from Plus, to an Earthbound Spirit. There was no in between, showing how greatly she had suffered. Tai wasn't ready to let go of her Human life. She wanted to be avenged. Shōjiki had broken her heart into tiny pieces with a sledgehammer named Ai. She wanted to pick up the pieces and rearrange them the best she could. But no, she was ripped away from her hope. What was she to do now? She couldn't move at all, those damned chains kept her held in place. Tai yelled and shrieked, unable to control her actions. Someone had gone near her body and the tents. She writhed in her bindings, staring with feral eyes at the person. Tai screamed louder and louder, but the person couldn't hear her. Or see her, for that matter. Her anger rose and her yells intensified as the man moved her corpse. The Chain of Fate, still connected to the body, snapped. This made shriek out of pain, rather than anger. Little mouths formed on the ends of the chain, causing excruciating pain. Her soul was decaying into a creature known as a Hollow. She stayed there for 2 years, watching as the man who broke her heart left. The circus has left, saying there goodbyes to the fallen trapeze artist. After the 2nd year, Tai broke out of her chains. With a loud scream, her Chain of Fate finally eroded away. Her body fell to the ground, white spewing onto her face and body. It cracked as quickly as it formed, revealing the new form: Hollow.


As whatever was left of her humanity faded away into the darkness, the new body emerged. She was just an average Hollow for now, and would have to work for Gillian. Her body was large and thin, like a skeleton. Her limbs were quite pronounced, ending in sharp claws. She had long red hair, flowing around her body. It seemed to float, as if it she was sitting underwater. As memorizing as the Hollowfied female was, she was still a ravenous beast. Tai took off across Japan, eating whoever she came past along the way. She easily took down small villages and towns, punching buildings into rubble. Tai had no choice over her victims, she ate whoever was available. It was pure instinct, something all Hollows retained. Especially young ones, like Tai. She had no strategy, no competent mind. Although, she took her time while preying on her meals. She'd often stay in the same area, hunting those down who ran. Once she found them and ate them, she'd stay in that spot, luring more to their demise. It worked like a charm, her meals ran right into her mouth. It went this like this for another hundred or two hundred years. She also devoured many Hollows who confronted her during those days, unaware of what alliance was. One day however, the Soul Society decided that a certain Hollow was becoming a bit of a threat. They sent out two seated officers to combat her, sorely mistaking her power level. When they arrived, she already had the upper hand.

Tai struck from behind, biting one of the shinigamis heads off their shoulders. She lifted up it's body with her large hands, tossing it into her mouth as if it were a potato chip. With a light groan, the feeling of new power coursed through her veins. It was sweet, like candy. She wanted more......lots more. A hungry, lusting stare was directed at the other one, she lunged towards him. Tai shrieked as she was smacked away by a....what was that? Another Hollow? It looked like her...it was probably on her power level. Quickly extending her hand towards the shinigami, she clenched her and into a fist. Her fingers wrapped around the legs of the shinigami, easily snapping them. This rendered him incapable of moving and she smirked evilly. Tai loved it when her meal was still. Chasing always gave her such a hard time. Turning back to the other Hollow, she darted behind him and aimed a punch at his spine. He fell and tumbled across the field and Tai leapt over to him. His foot extended, hitting her stomach. Tai shrieked as she knocked into a small tree, easily bending the trunk. Her eyes refocused as he sprang towards her. Opening her mouth, Tai's teeth bit into the Hollows flesh as he landed on her. She ripped him limb for limb, devouring all the power her contained. Tai then sauntered over to the shinigami and proceeded to devour him also. She let out a loud howl and collapsed onto her knees. A bright flash emitted from the area, and her howl grew into something different. Deep and dark, forged from the very souls of her own race.

She had advanced into the Gillian state, first stage of the Menos Grande class. Her form was tall and black, with a ring of white spikes around her neck. The mask was plain, with a large nose. It was during this form that she grew much more powerful. She gained the ability to cast Ceros, Balas, and open Garganta. She used this all to advantage, getting her teeth into anyone she could. Hollows, Humans, Shinigami, Quincy. Anyone. There were no boundaries to be broken in her book. Another two hundred years of killing and devouring, she got into an intense battle. This time with two other Gillians. They tried to fend her off, and failed miserably. She devoured them quickly, along with all the Hollow, Human, and Shinigami souls they held within' them. This time, her rush of power and transformation was in the Forest of Menos. A shimmering pink filled the air, followed by an orange flash. Another growl was released, but it changed slightly after the mist cleared. Feminine, gentle....hurt. It was the sad wail of a girl. However, the voice did not match the body. Yes, her figure was vaguely humanoid. But, her body was covered from head to toe in white. It looked like armor, yet her form was reminiscent of a skeleton. Her hair was long, much like her average hollow form. It also seemed to float gracefully around her body. So, she had reached it. The Adjuchas stage. Very few manage to get their dirty little claws on it, so she was absolutely gleeful that she did. Wait a minute....she was gleeful. Tai sat down and looked around. She had a mind. A conscious. She was no longer an instinct driven brat. Well, still mostly instinct driven. Yet, she had a brain that could think independently.

All she needed to do know was grow, more. She immediately stood up and swept through the forest, devouring anything in sight. While she no longer liked mindlessly rushing around, eating and killing, it was the only sufficient way for her to gain the power she desired. She was included in a posse of other Adjuchas, working under one main Adjuchas. Another 100 years passed, eating and devouring while serving under the main Adjuchas. They all worked decent together, as decent as a group of idiot Hollows could get. Tai knew he was no more powerful than her, so after she had finished eating her daily group of prey, she ate each Adjuchas of the group. She started with the weakest, then worked her way up, finally confronting the leader. Angered about the fact that he had been using all of them as servants, she attacked him. During their fiery battle, he admitted that he one day planned to enact the same plot Tai was using at that very moment. Killing and eating his own group. This fueled her rage even more, to the point where she finally slaughtered him. She rested and chomped on his limbs, devouring the power he held. It was like ambrosia, reaching such glory. Out of pure delight, she raised her hands up to the bottom of her mask. With one good tug, she ripped it from her face. Another flash filled the area, revealing a fully female figure. Her skin was pale like almonds, her hair short and purple. Tai's eyes were electric blue, and she was clothed in a black and white outfit. She was......an Arrancar.

-A Smile here and a Battle there-

After converting to an Arrancar, she felt much more different. She remembered how many souls she had devoured, innocents that were slain in her conquest for power. But she did not feel sorrow, she felt thankful. They had given her the chance to rise above and protect those who needed to be protected. It did not matter how she gained this marvelous power, but how she used it. For now though, she wasn't in such a hot state. Ripping off her mask had some slight consequences, one of which was her drained state. Crawling over to the remains of slain Hollows, she feebly feasted on them. This supplied her with enough power to find her way, and get some decent clothes. All she had on at the time was a gown like outfit, tattered and ripped. She wandered towards the magnificent palace in the distance. It was a pristine white, as if it were made by the minds of the most pure souls. It was damn big though....how many creatures lived there? It had to be a lot. It had taken her 3 years and counting to get to the palace, as she had many slow stops on the way. On her way to the palace, which she learned from another traveling Arrancar as “Los Noches”, she was greeted by a rather unruly Arrancar. He looked about 19 or so, still very young. Yet, Tai knew herself that appearances were deceiving. She frowned as he mentioned a fight, her attention mostly focused on that magnificent castle. Without warning, he advanced and attacked.

She, unwilling to give up her dream of making it to the palace, fought back. Slashes and stabs were exchanged between the two Arrancar, but it was ultimately Tai who won when she released her Resurreccion for the first time. She mercilessly slaughtered him before returning to her Sealed Form, drained of power. She'd have to extensively train her Resurreccion, as using it like that could wear her out quicker than she expected. She managed to make her way into Los Noches, although her lack of power and tiring journey had severely worn her down. As she lay on the floor, a man approached her. She was only listening here and there, but he said something about the Fraccion. She didn't know what they were at the time, but the word intrigued her. After she had been healed, Tai learned that Fraccion were loyal Numero that served directly under Espada. Shortly after, she decided to venture back to the Forest of Menos. Here, she trained to get stronger along with occasionally eating other Hollows. After she had mastered her Resurreccion, she trekked back to Los Noches, only to find the most of the Espada had been killed. This shocked her very much, as she was unaware of the turmoil that went on above the surface. The first living Espada she could locate was the Cero Espada, Marcus. She asked to be a Fraccion, as she was still unsure if she could live sufficiently in the desert alone. After she was accepted, she made it her job to run around Los Noches and steal sweets from whoever she could. She continues this brave mission today, 25 years later.
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