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Akemi Ume

Akemi Ume

Rank : 11th Division Taicho
Attack : 80
Defense : 70
Intelligence : 30
Posts : 9
Exp : 89836
Join date : 2011-03-07
Location : Probably eating cookies, so don't bother her.

PostSubject: Fempachi~   Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:33 pm


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Name: Ume, Akemi

Alias: N/A

Gender: Undeniably female

Age: 452 years old

Visual Age: 24 years old

Rank: Kenpachi

Division: 11th Division

Sexual Orientation: Straight. She'll flirt with either sex however, as a way of teasing them.

Extra Information: N/A

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: AB

Family Members: A deceased father and mother.

Birth Date: November 25th, 1559

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite Food: Akemi absolutely loves anything sweet. She also likes steak, ramen, pork buns, rice, and apples.

Least Favorite Food: She intensely dislikes any sour foods. She also dislikes grapes, fish, corn, and seaweed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance: Overall, Akemi is a very beautiful woman. But, i'll go much more in depth, and start at the top. Her hair is snow white, and appears to be an opaque silver in the sunlight. It's somewhat shiny, as if it was coated in lacquer. It is also cut short, ending right between her ears and the nape of her neck. The tips of her hair fan out wildly, as her hair is slightly wavy. A portion of her bangs fall over her left eye, though it is not covered up completely. Her hair is usually kept in a disheveled state, with a crimson red headband wrapped around the fringe of her bangs. Next topic, her face. It's not too long, nor is her jaw too wide. Ume's skin tone is a light salmon tone. Her chin descends into a soft point, and doesn't jut out.

Although, her features are still slightly sharp and very distinguished. Her nose is smooth and straight, ending in a tiny bump of cartilage like any other humanoid being. Her lips are a pale violet red, as she never wears any lipstick or gloss. The upper lip and bottom lip are equal in terms of thickness, although her mouth is a teeny tiny bit smaller than normal. Her teeth are straight and white, complementing her pink lips and red tongue very well. Ume's cheeks are the same skin tone as the rest of her body. They are not puffy, as she has high cheekbones. Her skin lights up rosy red if she's either A. embarrassed or B. exhausted. Her eyes are a bit wider than normal peoples. She has long, pitch black lashes that are fanned out, along with milky white sclera.

Her irises are a light slate blue. It's rare that she'll put on anything like mascara or eyeshadow, maybe if she's going out to a festival or some fancy event. Ume's eyebrows are a greyish color, matching her white hair quite nicely. Her neck is a normal length, with some scars here and there from battles. Ume's shoulders are a bit broad for a female, and a bit thin. However, it should not be thought that she has a stick thin body. Her arms and legs are long, and slightly lanky. Her limbs have a proper amount of flesh, with well defined muscles and ligaments. Her hips are wide and curvy, while her waist is slender and slim. Ume's thighs are a healthy balance of fat and muscle.

Her ankles are strong, as are her wrists. Her bust is DD, leading to some unfavorable focus from the rather perverted section of males in the Gotei. Her fingers are a bit long and thin, yet they are not brittle. As for clothing, she wears a black hakama and kosode. Some adjustments have been made to it, as it has no sleeves and it's obvious that there are sowing marks on the clothing. Her Captain's Haori has the typical Gotei rhombus on the back, with her Divisions' insignia inside it. It is sleeveless, like her black shinigami outfit, yet unnaturally ragged and tattered. She likes it this way, and if anyone ever suggests she get a new one, she would snap at them. Off of duty, she frequently wears rather feminine kimonos. Her most favorite is a soft, coral pink one with butterfly icons on it.

Reiatsu Color: Her reiatsu is plum colored.

Height: 6'2”

Weight: 136 lb.

Body Type: Hourglass, with a DD bust and wide hips.

Extra Information: N/A


Personality: To start this off, Ume isn't your typical 11th Division member. Like the rest of them, she can't get enough of fighting and battling. It's one of, if not her most, favorite thing to do. She'll fight for fun, for honor, to conquer, or simply for training. Once she gets into a fight, she'll give it all she has. Ume will put her soul and mind into defeating the opponent, and refuses to give up unless knocked unconscious. However, she knows when to pick a fight and when not too. Ume properly examines her opponent, registering their strengths and weaknesses in her mind. Such things are still a valuable asset in her opinion, and she uses it often. Her fighting style has been called deadly by those in the Gotei 13 who have witnessed her battles. In a combination with her fierce determination, immense power, and quick wit, she could bring cocky foes to their knees. Ume is aware of this and takes very much pride in it.

During battles with creatures like Hollows and Arrancar, she prefers to have fun with it while sticking with the honorable justice instilled in her heart. Ume refuses to let them win, it directly goes against anything she and her division stands for. If she is asked to train her fellow Shinigami, she would do so willingly. Getting the chance to make others reach their full potential in fighting is mentally fulfilling, as she enjoys testing their strength and willpower. Outside of her lovely battles, Ume is quite the charming young woman. She has a tongue quicker than a whip and sharper than a knife. She's quite witty and coy in the way she speaks to others, often appearing to be wise beyond her years. Ume frequently reminds her division members not to insult other divisions, such as the 4th Division, as she knows that without them we would probably be living in filth. She respects all of the divisions fairly, but adores her own the most. Ume is usually calm, yet still happy and cheerful. She regards herself as a pretty young woman with too much time on her hands.

She is frequently playful around other shinigami, and likes to play pranks and jokes on them. She'll flirt with anyone to tease them, bursting out in laughter when they got all hot and bothered. Ume herself is immune to even the most charming mans advances, as she hasn't blushed at any flirtation since she was a young teenager back in the Academy. She is a bit wild and wacky, thoroughly enjoying parties and festivals. With a few drinks, she can easily manage to become the life of the party, yet still remaining sober. Her tolerance of alcohol is quite astonishing. Some Shinigami who knew her in the academy even go as far to call her “the queen of partying”. She laughs whenever she hears this, though she secretly adores that title. Ume has a......uhh....voracious appetite. She'll eat a lot of anything she likes, still remaining thin and slender. This is, of course, because she battles and trains so frequently. Ume takes orders from her superior, the Sotaicho of the Gotei 13, very well.

She views the Sotaicho as a powerful leader, someone to look up. She gives the proper amount of respect towards the other captains, yet still remains friendly towards them. Ume thinks of them as acquaintances, and hopes she can get to know the newer ones better. As for her sexual mindset, she's a total pervert. She won't hesitate to point out something if it can even be remotely taken in a perverted way. This has gotten her into some trouble at times, but she doesn't care. Ume is one of those people who, while appreciating the nice things the people think about her, doesn't care for those who give her dirty looks and whisper behind her back. She knows they're probably just envious of the power she wields. In certain situations though, her anger can rise drastically. Usually if someone steals or eats her cookies, which she are very protective of, or if she catches someone secretly talking trash about her.

She's been compared to a demon by those in her presence during those two situations. Ume loves to dance and sing, and is very talented at both. Her voice is smooth like silk, slightly commanding, yet still retains the alluring femininity that a beautiful woman should always have. During conversations, she is lively and somewhat outspoken. She has a slightly brash and brutally honest way of saying things, and is often oblivious to others feelings. It's hard for her to recognize when someone is sad, or if she hurt their feelings. If she does notice that they are upset, she will upset to comfort them the best she possibly can. Her almost maternal instincts show during these situations, and will even share her precious cookies if someone is crying, leading to some astonishment from her own division members. This does not mean she is the best one to protect, simply to defeat others that are in the way.

Once she establishes a true bond with another person, it will last as long as she lives. She will help them with everything she has, and refuses to let them fall. Her caring side is often hidden underneath the battle lusty party girl, as that is how she wants it to be. She also has a moral code of ethics, refusing to kill opponents who cannot fend for themselves and/or are incapacitated. She holds people who do such things in contempt, and treats them with her disrespect. Despite the fact she is quite a wild girl, she is able to stick to her paperwork and duties within' the 11th Division with ease. Ume doesn't slack off at work, and will quickly whip those who do into shape. She views divisions as clockwork teams. Each one needs a varied and diverse amount of treatment and steadfast determination to keep it running properly. Last thing she wants to see is the Gotei 13 falling into pieces because everyone wanted to go out drinking on Fridays.

Akemi isn't one to give up on things. She just keeps going, and going. She is aware of this trait, and while she sometimes thinks of it as a burden, it as frequently been a blessing in her past. Without it, she would've never stayed alive so long. She would've never gone to the Shinigami Academy, achieved Shikai or Bankai. Without it, such things like being the Kenpachi of one of the most strongest divisions would've been a wild dream. She refuses to see innocent people in pain or misery, especially those of her division. Akemi will help those however she deems fit. This doesn't mean she'll give someone one an overt amount of attention and sympathy. She believes doing such things spoil the mind and personality, and cause such people to become dependent on the people around them. She treasures her Division and the fellow members very much, regarding them as both a family and a team. The thing that bonds them all together, would be fighting and brawling.

Likes:  Fighting- Yes, this one is a bit obvious. Being in the 11th Division, especially being the Captain of that division, you definitely have to enjoy fighting. Although Ume appears to be a wistful and coy young woman, underneath that exterior lies a battle loving shinigami. She adores a good fight with someone, especially if they show fair methods and good abilities. Due to her love of the fight, she works very well with fellow division members. She wouldn't say that she was an insatiable lust for battle, just that her interest and happiness she receives from it will never go away as long as she is alive and kicking.
Tea- Being an avid fan of anything sweet, drinks or solid food, it is natural to expect Ume to like tea. She collects many flavorings and sweeteners, along with brewing a fresh kettle each night and evening. If she's in a good mood, she might even share with you. Though if it's a particularly good pot, you can expect any hopes of her offering to disappear.
Smoking- Very much like her adoration of battles, it is quite shocking to see the graceful captain smoking. She finds it calming and kinda enjoyable, and she doesn't mind the scent of menthol all too much. Ume mainly uses cigarettes as a way of calming herself down after a particularly fun battle, usually in a combo with alcohol.
Alcohol- In her mind, any type of alcohol goes hand in hand with smoking. Her “bad habits” usually take place after good fights, as mentioned above. She finds any type of alcohol tasty, whether it be sake, or whiskey, or even absinthe. If she's ever offered a round or two at bars, Ume could end up being the most sweet person you've ever seen. Much to her enjoyment, her alcohol tolerance is amazingly high. She discovered this back in her wild days at the Shinigami Academy, during a drinking contest that got rather out of hand. She considers this as a major event, as despite the amount of alcohol consumed was staggeringly high, she remembers it with perfect clarity.
Cursing- Another awkward “bad habit”. She manages to keep cursing down to a minimum in front of other captains as not to appear rude, but will sometimes display her uhh....”colorful”...vocabulary during average situations. If she happens to be in a bad mood, her use of curse words will severely increase.
Napping- Probably her 2nd favorite past time. She finds afternoon naps extremely rejuvenating, and will recommend it as a major stress reliever. Ume can be found napping either an hour after she arrives at her barracks, 3o minutes after lunch, and 3 hours before she goes home for the night. It's rumored that some division members have found or seen her napping in her office, drooling, yet she vehemently denies such things. Due to her temper and strength, it has been a while since one of her division members ever said something about her napping.
Cookies- If Ume had to pick her most favorite sweet, it would be cookies. She loves any kind of cookie, no matter what shape or form they are in. As long as they are delicious and tasty, she will accept them lovingly. However polite and sweet Ume is, she refuses to share cookies with others. She won't share them with the majority of her division members, with the pluses residing in the Rukongai, not even with her fellow captains. The only person she would willingly share cookies with is her younger lieutenant, Chieko.
Kittens- She jokingly claims that the felines are her lone weakness. Ume adores little kittens, especially playful little ones. She had always wanted a pet as a young child, and now that she has achieved one of the highest positions in all of the Soul Society, she has kept a tiny pet kitty around her.
Butterflies- Unlike kittens, she doesn't have a childish affection over butterflies. She views them as graceful and soft, as even though she is the captain of the combat division doesn't mean she has to like things that are bloody and rough. Much of her living quarters and her office are decorated with various butterfly memorabilia, even some of her kimonos have butterfly shaped patterns.
Winning- Yes, it does sound a slight bit shallow. But really, does anyone like losing? No. Like everyone else, Ume enjoys winning. Though she will only gain pleasure from it if it was a fair game. It seems to give her a rapid rush of excitement, yet nothing close to the rush she gets from battle.
Respect- She's not an uber respect freak, but she does want a certain amount from her subordinates & fellow captains. Ume gets aggravated when she's referred to by anything less than 'Captain Ume' or 'Kenpachi Ume'. She had rightfully earned those titles, and to see some directly disrespect them annoys her. She will make exceptions, for those who are Human, or Pluses.
Rain & Snow- She really loves to watch the rain, and the snow when winter season arrives.

Dislikes:  Blind Loyalty- It annoys her to see someone so blindly loyal. Everything has faults, and to not acknowledge them makes someone look foolish in her eyes. Ume even checks in with her own division to assure that everything is going well and fair. If such things were not held in high esteem, she would not deem herself as fit for leading an entire division. Especially one that is so focused on combat, that things tend to get rough and rowdy around there.
Rudeness- She won't tolerate it, not even during battle. There is absolutely no reason for someone to be ignorant and rude, as it show incompetence. If someone is ever rude to her, especially a Shinigami of her esteemed rank, she'd calmly beat there ass until they learned to act respectfully. She would manage to maintain a calmer disposition toward someone of the Rukongai, or even Academy students, as it could be possible they didn't know any better.
Losing to someone who uses dirty tactics- One of the most aggravating things she could ever name. On many occasions she has witnessed certain soul creatures use dirty tactics in battles. Every time she would see them, she'd secretly vow to defeat them with her fair methods, just to show them how worthless they were. It was a form of training for her, and something she enjoyed very much. Nowadays, she doesn't immediately go after those who are using dirty tricks. Instead, she'll give them a fair warning, and it works very well.
Sour foods- Ick! She severly dislikes sour foods, especially sour candies. Ume won't go anywhere near them, unless there is a bit of sweet candy next to the sour candy. In that case, she'd take all the sweet candies and run off.
Hot weather- It's so irritating. She hates to get hot and sweaty, unless it's in battle. And at least in battle, she gets a lot of fun out of it. During hot weather and miserable summers, she'll stay indoors as much as she can. If she has to go out, and of course she'll have to go some places, she'll reluctantly wear short skirted kimonos. She'll also use a small pink parasol to block the sunlight, as Ume will attempt to avoid that damn heat any way she can. Even if it means looking ridiculously girly.
Windowless rooms- Alas, Akemi Ume is a free spirit. Such things like being in windowless rooms and confined places always freak her out a tiny bit. Like anything else, she hides this extensively. Her dislike of confined spaces stems from a childhood experience, the same one that sparked her love of fighting.
Hatred without reason- Akemi sees that people who hate things simply because they do are very childish and idiotic. If you don't know anything about something, or someone, then how do you know you hate it?

Goals:  To lead her division the best she can, while making sure the enemies of the Gotei 13 are fended off properly. Along with that, she somewhat desires to see that other Divisions are protecting citizens of both the Seireitai & Rukongai. While those goals are very important to her, she mainly desires to find opponents that can give her worthy fights.

Insecurities: Being defeated by someone who uses deplorable methods, like illusions; That her father never forgave her for making the choice to become a Shinigami.

Fears: Seeing innocents, whether they be Human or Plus, get slaughtered for no reason at all.

Strengths: Her determination, thorough trust, her intelligence, Zanjutsu.

Weaknesses: Slight impatience, easy to anger, judgmental of the Noble Families, Kido.

Phobias: She is somewhat claustrophobic.

Extra Information: N/A


-Welcome to the World, Akemi Ume-

Akemi Ume was born on November 25th, 1559, to Temiko and Nekio Ume. She and her family lived in the Western Rukongai in the 40th Rukon District. Everything was quite peaceful, though there was an underlying secret that both Temiko and Nekio held. A year before little Akemi was born, they had wronged many people during there expedition to the 40th Rukon District. They didn't do it out of malice, but out of survival. They would travel through, begging for shelter in an innocent persons home. After the innocent family or person fell asleep for the night, Temiko and Nekio would steal cloth, money, sometimes food, and leave before they awoke. This created very many enemies along the way. Enemies who strongly desired revenge. But, for the time being, everything was peaceful. Akemi would tag along with her parents to work, where her father would sell quilts that her mother wove. It was like that for right around 100 years. 100....peaceful years. After that, things took a dramatic flip. The wronged people of the Western Rukon from the 55th District up to the 50th District assembled a crew of fighters. These fighters were to kill Temiko and Nekio, in return they would get to loot Temiko and Nekios house. The rumble in the Rukon took place mid-day, an a very bright summery day.

They wrecked things mercilessly, stirring up havoc. Once they reached Nekio and Temiko's booth, hell truly arrived. A short conversation between the leader of the squad and the couple was exchanged. Akemi hid behind a large barrel and spied on her parents and the evil men. Both Temiko and Nekio wouldn't surrender to the man. At that moment, Akemi knocked over the barrel from leaning on it to much, the sound of clattering filling the silent air. They all turned to face her. Temiko screamed out for her daughters safety, which tipped the brute leader off. Taking the chance layed before him, he snatched Akemi up by the collar of her shirt and looked back at her parents. He declared an ultimatum, which he claimed to have softened the sentence. Either he gets to kill Temiko, or Akemi rots in a confined cell. The brute dragged Akemi against the pavement the entire way, causing large injuries on her knees and arms. Once they got back, they locked Akemi away in a cell. It was cramped and dark, there weren't even any windows. They'd slip pieces of bread in through a slot in the door. Meanwhile, Akemi's childhood innocence and naivety withered away like a rose in the desert. Her wounds bled and festered, while her mind plotted.

She would get stronger, the best way she could. She refused to let people....people like them, abuse those who wear unable to defend. She would destroy them, and they would perish in the fire of her fury. That was the only thing that kept her alive during the confined days. On the 8th day, her mother rapidly found her way back to the organization. They let Akemi out of her cell, dressed her wounds, cleaned her up, and put her in a fine dress. Her long white hair reached her waist. They brought Temiko and Akemi into the main room. For a brief second they faced each other, looking the other straight in the eye. The sadness in there eyes was only a foreshadowing of the events to come. The brutes grabbed Akemi by her limbs and held her tightly in front of her mother as the leader shoved a sword straight through Temiko's chest, as if it were a hot knife cutting through butter. Akemi sobbed quietly as they threw her out of the compound, crying as she ran rapidly back to her district. She fell to her knees in the 47rd district, sliding against the pavement. She felt disappointed, and miserable, and sad. She collapsed onto the ground as rain fell, almost as if the slight touch knocked her down. Akemi had one other feeling. It was hunger. Hunger for food, and hunger for battle. She wanted it badly.

After seeing her mother die, it was something that could fill the void. Maybe even mend it to the same healthy state it was before, though that was unlikely. Akemi looked to the side as someone poked her with a foot. She slowly looked up at the figure, seeing it was one of a rather tall man. He was a bit lanky, but still muscular. His hair fell around his face. He kneeled down as Akemi weakly leaned up on her elbows. ”Please....show me...what i'm looking...for...” Akemi mumbled weakly, falling back down. She would beg anyone she needed, she was in a place of despair. Her heart was broken, and she couldn't take it. Akemi let out a sniffle and her face fell to the ground. She was out cold, the pain from her injuries getting to her. The man let out a small sigh and set down an apple. Underneath he placed a note. Akemi woke up a few hours later, the apple and note still directly in front of her face. She sat up, still very weak. Akemi chewed on the apple apprehensively, unsure why someone would just hand out food. After finishing it, she tossed the apple core over her shoulder and read the note. She was shocked as she read the two words.”Shinigami Academy.” Was all it said.

-Upwards and Onwards! Akemi attends the Shinigami Academy-

Akemi stood up unsteadily, shambling back to her home. It took her around three days to get back home, as she had to take rests here and there. She was forced to steal food from vendors, or she would've starved to death. After she reached her father, she sadly told him the news. He broke into tears and fell to the ground, and Akemi stood next to her father. She was immensely sad and tearful on the inside. But she couldn't show that. She had to stand strong. All the wounds, the bastards, and the tragedy she went through couldn't bring her down. She would be the rock of the family, or what was left of it. She had silently promised to be the fighter. That note had shown a light on a new path. The path of a shinigami. After cooking dinner for herself, as her father had no need to eat, she sat down at the table with him. Akemi did not tell him how they kept her in a cell, as her gloomy tone was enough. She did not tell him of the anger she felt, as the determined look in her eyes easily conveyed that. She told him that she would leave tomorrow, for the Shinigami Academy. He was visibly upset, hurt by the thought she was leaving so soon to become a warrior. Yet, he was aware there was no stopping her. After a hug, they went off to their different sleeping quarters. Akemi couldn't sleep at all, staring up at the moon. So pretty, so far away. It probably didn't want anything to do with those down below. It was safe up there. She sighed and sat up in her bed, looking around the room. An unexpected stream of tears ran down her face, dripping onto the blankets. She clenched the raggedy sheets between her fingers, drawing them close to her body. Akemi buried her face in the blankets to lock out the noise, as her crying was getting louder.

She missed her mother more than she wanted to admit. Yet she continued to cry into her blankets. She didn't have to hide it in the middle of the night. No one was there to see her, no one was there to hear her. Looking back at the painting of her family, happy and smiling, she wiped the tears from her eyes. Akemi swung her feet over the dge of her bed and onto the floor, taking it from the wall and rolling it up. She got out a large sheet, placing her most treasured items in it. That was when she heard it. The voice. It sounded like a male and a female, but talking at the same time. They were to in sync for her to pick the voices apart, yet she knew two were speaking. They said ”We'll be seeing you soon.....Akemi-chan....”. It confused her, but she thought it was because she had been up all night. Grabbing her knapsack of items, she descended to the downstairs floor. Grabbing a piece of paper, and a pencil, she scribbled a good bye note on the paper. ”Dear dad, I love you very much, and I loved mom very much. But I have to leave. I don't....I don't wanna see what happened to mom, happened to you. I need to get stronger....please forgive me. Good bye.” She wrote, teardrops staining the paper. She hung the knapsack over her shoulder, the note from the mysterious man wedged in between her fingers. Drying her eyes and tucking away the sad expression, she replaced it with determination and strength. She left before the sun could even rise, and little did she know it would be the last time she would ever see her father again. She traveled through the Rukongai districts, only stopping for food, shelter, and rest.

Any time someone would make eye contact with her or try to speak with her, she'd brush them off and walk forwards. She didn't want to be deterred from her goal at all. Over time, her appearance and age advanced. She began to look more like a teenager, than a young girl. Her eyes were filled with maturity, traded in for innocence. Finally, she reached the 1st District of the West Rukongai. She felt successful, yet not victorious. Getting there, was only half the battle. She proudly entered the Shinigami Academy, dragging her items along with her. She was in awe when she saw it. So many Shinigami.....all looked like they were having fun. They were training in some open areas with swords. She spotted a few shooting various colored blasts from their hands, most fizzled out though. Akemi smiled slightly and ran forward to take the Entrance Exam. There were three judges awaiting her. Two males, and a female. She dropped her stuff a few meters behind, smiling politely at them. The female called for her to start. Akemi stuck her hands straight in front of her body. Her heart thumped loudly as she closed her eyes, taking in a large gulp of air. Her back arched forward as a perfectly spherical ball of plum colored energy formed in her palm. She gradually calmed down, standing straight again.

Her palms faced upwards towards the ceiling and she smiled as the plum ball grew larger. It seemed to beat rapidly, almost like a lively heart. Once it got bigger than her entire upper body, it instantly stopped beating. The room went silent, and the pure pressure from the ball seem to softly whirl around them, like air. She exhaled and looked at the judges, nodding quickly to them. The ball of energy instantly evaporated, leaving what appeared to be a lone violet cherry blossom in her hand. Akemi looked closer, seeing that the words ”Hello?” were carved onto it. She blinked as it too evaporated, leaving her confused. How did such a thing happen? Akemi shook her head and turned to get her stuff, but was stopped by the female judge, who mentioned that her stuff was moved to Dorm #50. Akemi was approved for advanced classes in all four areas of the Shinigami Arts; Zanjutsu, Hakuda, Shunpo, and Kido. While she was overjoyed at hearing she had gotten in, she was aggravated they had moved her stuff. They were her “heirlooms”. She immediately visited her room, putting on her Shihakusho. After setting her items in the proper spots, along with hanging up the painting of her family. After three years in the Shinigami Academy, she was still working her way through the courses. She had accepted the 6 year course, with advanced classes. Yet during her third year, she was informed that if everything went well, she would be finished by the 5th year.

This came as a great surprise to her, as she had been doing terrible in her Kido class. She thought that would surely impede her progress. In her Hakuda and Shunpo classes, she was doing decent. Not the best one, but good enough. As for Zanjutsu, well, that was were she truly shined. She was witty and had major fun in battle, most others looked somber. She'd laugh and grin wildly while battling her opponents. Akemi could easily defeat them, and even her aged instructor was socked at the seemingly innocent girls love of battle. A month or two, she was still growing stronger. Her Zanjutsu was improving greatly, despite the fact that she was already top of the class. Her Shunpo and Hakuda were slowly getting better, yet her Kido stayed the same. One dark night, after classes and dinner, she fell asleep in her dorm. What happened next was a shock. As she drifted farther and farther into unconsciousness, she felt as if she was looking back down on the Soul Society. It all looked so tiny.....and kinda gloomy. As she looked closer, Akemi realized that wasn't the Soul Society at all. Her vision was off, she felt like she was getting closer to it. It all started to look bigger, and she noticed there were no people around. Like, none. She couldn't see anyone roaming around, there weren't even any animals in sight. Akemi looked to the side and blinked as she saw clouds flying past her at rapid speeds.

”Wait...i'm...i'm falling?” She thought, confused. Her heartbeat increased slightly as she neared the pavement. She shut her eyes closed, unable to keep her eyes open during what she thought her death would be. Her breathing calmed as her body slowed the pace at which it was falling. Slower, slower......stopped. She opened her eyes and shrieked as she saw concrete right in front of her nose. Akemi pressed her palms to the ground below her....but it felt like it was repulsing any contact. ”What.....do you think....you're doing?” A voice rang out. It was clearly female, yet she sounded rough and raspy. ”Uhh....yes, please tell us what you are doing. Sister-sama did not mean to sound so angry....” The second one chimed it. It was much more feminine, yet demure and shy. Akemi froze in her tracks and turned around to face the voices. She was shocked at what she saw. Both females, as she suspected. One had long blonde hair and bright green eyes, while the other had short blonde hair and threatening grey eyes. They smiled at her, though the demure females was more polite, while the fiery ones was cocky. The fiery one looked back at the demure one. ”Shut it! You know that I mean everything I say, even if she is our master... The fiery one responded to the demure one. The demure one squeaked and brushed a portion of her bangs over her eyes.

Akemi took a step forward, but the stare from both of them warned her against making another move. Akemi began to look closer at the two while they bickered in a whisper. The brown dress....it was connected. By what looked like some leather straps and clothes. The dress only connected at the hip, it split after a few inches into seperate dresses. Both of them wore ripped back tights. The demure one wore red high heels, while the fiery one wore violet boots. Akemi shook her head, wondering how the hell she got such an imagination. It sure was amazing though, the detail she came up with. Was it because she exerted reiatsu at that test? Jeez, if that got to her....she was never gonna get out of the academy. She blinked as they stared at her, the same way she had been staring at her a few minutes earlier. They stood up straight, narrowing their eyes in a friendly manner while smiling. ”You have.....nice hips.....” They started off. ”......Much better than ours.....being conjoined twins sucks....” They finished. The two of them said everything simultaneously, freaking Akemi out a tiny bit. What scared her the most, is that they were conjoined twins. She stared directly at the area where their hips were connected, in disbelief. Akemi abruptly began to laugh. Was she really acting so serious and worried? Gosh, that exertion really did get to her.

She sighed and sat down on the ground, er...., the area that was a few inches of the ground. This place.....it was confusing. The abandoned building, the conjoined twins, even the fact that she couldn't touch the ground. Akemi curled up and looked down as the twins walked toward her. ”We have a preseeeeeent for you!” They exclaimed cheerily. Akemi turned her face up at them, scowling slightly. ”Yes?” Akemi asked them. The fiery one huffed impatiently. ”Well, don't just sit there!! Stand up and follow us, idio-” She yelled at Akemi. The demure one cut her off, holding a hand over the fiery ones mouth. ”Please follow us. Usually when someone says they have a gift for you, you say thank you, right? Well, it would be appreciated if you were polite. So come along please, you don't have much time before your Kido class starts.” The demure one murmured daintily, smiling down at Akemi. She offered a hand to help her up, which Akemi quickly accepted. They began to stride towards the abandoned building before Akemi stuck her hand out to stop them. ”Is it.....safe, to go in there?” Akemi mumbled, staring at the rusted metal and grimy concrete. The fiery one laughed slightly, but didn't look back at Akemi. ”No, of course it isn't safe! Why do you think we're bringing YOU along? 'Sides, there's no other buildings around here. Unless you want to go in that furnace over there.” She retorted, chuckling.

Akemi sighed and followed after them. She began to think about the demure ones words, before realizing something. She spoke about.....Akemi's schedule. The Kido class was her first class of the day, and she was starting immediately. Akemi continued to follow, not noticing when they stopped. She softly bumped into them and looked up. Her eyes instantly focused on the long sword. The bald had to at least be four feet, and the hilt was probably a foot. At the time, Akemi was only 4'11, meaning that thing was bigger than her!! They turned around and looked at her, laughing at her expression. ”Don't worry, it's rather light. I promise. See that red string, right there? One end of the strap is tethered to the bottom of the sheath, the other is tethered to the top. So you just slide it on, adjust it, and ta-da! It'll hang on your back, just draw it properly when you go out to fight, ok? We wouldn't want you slicing your head off, now would we?” The demure one explained, smiling warmly at Akemi. Akemi smiled back slightly. They were pretty interesting, but she wondered who they were. She decided it was the prime to ask. ”Who.....exactly are you?” Akemi asked in a curious tone. They quickly turned back to her and blinked. ”You still haven't found it.....hmmph.....I really hope you get a bit brighter during your time in the Gotei....” The fiery one mumbled.

They walked towards Akemi, sliding the nodachi into her hands. ”We're your Zanpaktou Spirits, Akemi-chan!” They yelled happily. Before Akemi could even react, the conjoined twins pressed the index fingers of each left arm against Akemi's shoulders. ”See ya later, all righty?” The girls stated simultaneously. Akemi nodded shortly before they pressed against her skin. Her body and the nodachi vaporized and Akemi gasped for air as she woke up. She looked down, seeing the nodachi on her lap. Akemi sighed and chuckled, much too thrilled for it to be expressed. So she had earned her unique zanpaktou....yet they hadn't told her their name. But, as far as she heard, learning the name of your zanpaktou meant.....Shikai. So that was the problem. They didn't think of her worthy. Well, she would definitely prove them wrong. A month after the confrontation, she graduated from the Academy, as expected. She was the best in Zanjutsu out of all the classes, yet the worst in Kido out of half the classes. She did good with Hakuda, better with Shunpo. All in all, Akemi was truly a impressive student. Her Zanjutsu teacher took the liberty of asking her which squad she would like to be in, though he already had a few in mind. Akemi smiled and reached for the note in her pocket, the same one she got all those years ago from that man. She had learned the insignias of the Gotei 13 quite well, and could recite them by heart. She handed the note to the man, who was a bit surprised to see which one she picked. He nodded and she went on her way. Akemi was off to the 11th Division.....the Combat Division!

-Story Time in the Gotei 13!-

So there she was, Akemi Ume, in a division made of mostly males. Idiotic, battle hungry males. She fit in pretty well, 'cept she wasn't a guy. She'd usually finish any paperwork early. After that, she'd run off to train with her fellow division members. Just like them, she strongly desired to get stronger and attain power. Akemi would frequently speak with her Zanpaktou Spirits, sometimes asking for their name. Each time she did that, they wouldn't take to her for a day afterwords. She learned to subtly work it into conversation, and sometimes they wouldn't notice. Akemi would always, always ask them to pay attention to her when she was fighting. She figured, if they knew she was growing stronger, they would definitely tell her their name. She wanted it so badly, the taste of glory frequently tinted her thoughts. Not only did she wanted to prove she deserved power to her zanpaktou. Asides from the rare chauvinists, she rather liked it in the 11th Division. It fulfilled her desire for combat and vengeance. Though, there was one large thing that was bugging her. She couldn't get this worry out of her mind, as much as she tried. It was bad, it was fucking with her battle performance. And she couldn't have that. So she decided to investigation. A.....little adventure, of sorts. No matter what, she had to find something about the fate of her father. Was he dead? Was he still living in the Rukongai? Did he follow her up to the Shinigami Academy? Ugh, she didn't know where to begin. Sliding on her zanpaktou, she set off for the Rukongai. She backtracked her old home the best she could, making her way back to the ol' 40th District of the West Rukongai.

Akemi was miraculously successful in finding her old residence, yet disappointed to find no one there. The place was bare and empty. The furniture was either covered with white sheets, or mangled. It was obvious someone had come looking for her father before, as she could see blood smears against the wall. There were no pictures of her family on the wall anymore, yet she memorized where all of them used to be. The kitchen was ridden of any pots and pans. When she went near the sink, she nearly puked. Pieces of bone and the scent of old rotten food hung in the air near the kitchen area. It was completely disgusting. She quickly turned away and ascended the steps to her old room. The top floor was much cleaner then downstairs, yet covered in dust. There weren't any pictures there either. As she rounded the corner to her old room, her eyes welled up with tears. It was in it's exact same condition she left it, albeit with dust. Akemi walked over and sat on her bed for the first time in nearly one-hundred years. She brushed her hands over the sheets, sweeping her gaze around the room. Akemi came full circle, her eyes staring up at the window. It was a full moon, just like the night she left. Memories of crying rushed back to her. Her mothers expression as she died, those days in the confined cell, that mysterious shinigami man who she still hadn't come face to face with.

However, this time, Akemi refused to let herself cry, even in private. She was stronger now, and there was no need to fear. Akemi blinked as she felt the bed rumble a bet before a bright blue light filled the room. She shrieked once the bed and a portion of the floor fell, landing on top of the kitchen area. The broken water pipes sprayed a mist of water onto Akemi as she looked up, grabbing her zanpaktou. Her own bright blue eyes met the eyes of two others. She didn't recognize them......but she knew they were seated officers. Akemi stood up and stared at them, unsure why they had done so. Were they following her? She hissed angrily at them as they both smirked back, as if answering her thoughts. They were certainly from her own division, as this entire event was just a way to spark her true anger. She stood up straight and unsheathed her nodachi, tossing the sheath to the side carelessly. With one soft glare, the battle begin. She fought with pride and grace, using rapid slashes and stabs to fend them off. However, they were beginning to speed up. Akemi could already tell from the look on their faces, that they were about to enter Shikai. Since they were seated, they had already attained it. She however, did not. Things would be completely different minutes later. A voice huffed within' her mind as she continued to battle the boys. Akemi could recognize it anywhere. It was her more feisty zanpaktou, who she had come to nickname “Akka”, meaning “Sour” in Japanese.

Akka did not like this nickname very much, and rejected the notion that she was bitter. The other twin was nicknamed “Amai”, which was “Sweet” in Japanese. This was because Amai was greatly meek and demure, yet she was usually kind towards her young master. She greatly appreciated nickname, while enjoying the nickname Akemi gave Akka. It was however, on that night, the bitter one would be the twin that was helping out her master. She had decided to give her a bit of advice, maybe a mental reminder or two. ”Let go....” Akka murmured quietly, more polite than she had ever been. ”Of what? There's nothing to let go of....unless you mean my nodachi. Then no, I'm definitely not letting go of that.” Akemi retorted, sharply inhaling as she quickly parried a slash from one of the males. She jumped forward and spun her foot towards the opposite males, knocking him into a wall. There were average Rukongai citizens gathered around the brawling Shinigami, staring in awe at the white haired female. The grace and fluidity of her movements was spot-0n, something not even the high ranked males could imitate. Akka began to speak again, chuckling slightly. ”Nice moves out there....you wanna know it, don't you?” She asked, another first for Akemi. She had never heard her more fiery zanpaktou spirit compliment on anything, not even her spectacular graduation at the Academy.

Akemi blinked, continuing to block and parry, while carefully slashing at them. Even if she was dominating them, she wouldn't dare kill them. It would probably lead to her execution, which meant game over for all of her goals. That, and any progress the two men might've made would also be stopped. She huffed and stabbed her zanpaktou into a chunk of wood, setting her hands on her knees. She took the time to take a breather while the two men climbed out of the rubble and concrete they were buried under. ”What do you mean.......do I want it? Your names? Of course I do....” Akemi mumbled aloud, not caring if the others were listening. She wrapped her fingers around the hilt, ripping it from the wood and standing up. The hairs on her back rose as one of the men released his Shikai. It looked as if the other one was knocked out cold under the rubble, to which she'd have to go retrieve him when she took care of the idiot. ”Then let it go!! Let go of all your fears....your pain....your goddamn unwarranted self-importance!!” Akka yelled. Her yell was an even mix of anger and sadness.

Angry because her master was so oblivious to the world and her own feelings, sad because she truly did wanted to see her blossom into a strong shinigami. Akemi was unaware of all these things her zanpaktou spirits thought and her reiatsu began to beat violently. It pulsated while whipping around the area like tornado winds. After half a second, it narrowed into an oval shaped column around her body. Back in Soul Society, the exertion of spirit pressure could be felt by those skilled enough to notice such things. A crew of 9th Division were ordered to find out the source, and report back to the captain with what they witnessed. As they were rushing through the West Rukon at fast paces, they could feel it grow stronger. They all stopped and stared as they arrived at the climax.”.... Sōhōnāmirā!!!” Akemi shrieked aloud. The plum colored reiatsu seemed to instantly stop, as if time had frozen. All of the witnesses stood still and looked on as it hung in the air. The reiatsu abruptly formed into tiny plum squares. Rapidly, yet one by one, they zoomed to Akemis' body. After they had covered her skin and nodachi, they vaporized into nothingness. Her new weapons were dual axe-looking weapons. The outer edges were bladed sharply, being silver in color. The handle was wrapped up in a thin, buttery brown leather strap. Yet, there were many red metal spikes fused to the normal silver blade.

An area of the silver blade curved inwards, ideal for decapitation. The two weapons were probably bigger than her upper body and hips. She looked up at the man and leaped forwards, using one Shunpo to stand behind him. Akemi deftly swept one of her blades at his back, causing a large bloody slash to form. He shrieked in pain. He dropped his wakizashi, falling onto the ground. He wasn't dead, as her cut wasn't deep enough for that. He was simply knocked out for the time being. Akemi was mystified. How did she knock out two seated officers, one without using her Shikai and one by using a small move? She shook her head shortly before letting out a small squeak. Akemi collapsed, her knees meeting the ground. As she looked ahead, she saw a tombstone. It was a memorial of sorts in her mind. Yet that wasn't the thing that surprised her. It was the fact that her fathers name, Nekio Ume, was engraved in thick script on the stone. Tears mixed with dried blood on her cheeks as she stared on out of disbelief and sadness. So he had died....alone. She wasn't there for him, nor was her mother. But there was a big difference between her and her mother. One had no choice over her fate. She didn't want to leave her family. The other voluntarily left, leaving a simple note. Shortly after seeing the tombstone, Akemi closed her eyes and slumped into the fallen leaves. The night had strained her, both physically and emotionally. It was time to move on.

-From a Battle Princess....to a Brawling Queen, Lady Ume advances-

After that day, things got much more serious for her. Akemi was informed of her promotion, as those 9th Divison members had informed their captain. Word passed to the 11th Division Captain, who saw it fit to give Akemi a bump up to 4th seat. After all, her opponents were one 10th seat and one 8th seat. She continued to train her Shikai with her now cheerful zanpaktou spirits. Things went peacefully for another hundred years or so as Akemi advanced to her final stage. She was seeking out the Bankai. Yet she was told by many others, including captains, that such a thing was immensely hard to obtain. She didn't care, she still wanted it. Akemi went on a major quest, conversing with her zanpaktou as much as she possibly can. While sleeping, she'd sometime enter her Inner World and talk with them there. No matter how much they talked, the two spirits would not hand over Bankai. She even tried asking Akka, which was the nickname for her more fiery zanpaktou spirit. She rejected the request, claiming that Amai would be the one to give Akemi her Bankai. Akka had handed over the Shikai. After receiving a no from her zanpaktou spirits, she continued to quietly work her way up.

After another 50 years, Akemi achieved the rank of Lieutenant. She was a fine one too. But there was something wrong, asides from her need for Bankai. Her captain.....ugh, he was a total brute. An idiot. He reminded her of the same people who tried to pick a fight with her back in the Rukon, while she was searching for her father. He was tall yeah, but bumbling and chauvinistic. He frequently antagonized Akemi, why, she did not know. The slow burning anger within' her finally erupted, and she challenged the Kenpachi out of pure rage. This astonished lots of people in the Gotei 13, for they knew the Kenpachi was one of the most strongest in the Gotei. No one had challenged him since he first received the position. He received the position after a portion of the high ranked Gotei 13, mainly the lieutenants and some Captains, were “Hollowfied”. At the time of the Vizards, Akemi was only a 3rd seat. She was greatly surprised to see they had to leave, even a bit upset. The majority of them were a noble bunch, as captains should be. Akemi still thinks of them as honorable captains, instead of enemies. Anyways, back to her personal life.

She was to battle the brutish, idiotic Kenpachi in front of 200 members of the 11th Division. Akemi, with the weird personality that she had, was not worried in the slightest. If he was honorable and powerful, like a Kenpachi should be, she wouldn't of dared challenging him. But, he wasn't, so here we are. As the division members assembled to watch the showdown, Akemi strode in with her zanpaktou as he did. They commenced their battle immediately. It was filled with sharp strikes and deft slashes, both employed by each combatant. It was drawing nearer and nearer to the climax each minute, and yet Akemi was winning. You see, this Kenpachi had already achieved his Shikai and Bankai. And yet, he had not released out of pure cocky pride. It would be his downfall. Akemi used a flying barrage of attacks and slashes from her still sealed zanpaktou, slicing the flash from his chest. With one angry yell, her sword plummeted down and deeply stabbed his death. As she huffed and breathed heavily, worn out from the fight, she peered back at the captain. He was still standing, yet there was a lifeless look in his eye. Before Akemi could even blink, the upper half of his body slid to the floor.

The entire audience gasped in surprise at seeing there beloved Kenpachi defeated. By a girl. In her Sealed state. She laughed slightly as her balance wobbled, standing up straight and proud. The Gotei 13 really picked a pathetic captain. But, if she could defeat him in Sealed state.....this meant she'd make a much more powerful captain. Akemi walked over and slid the white Haori off of the dead 10th Kenpachis body, and put it on her own body. It was a bit big, but she'd have that fixed. Suddenly, a plum and red colored cloud filled the large room, like a mist. The eyes of all the division members were obscured, yet they could feel the reiatsu increasing. A quick white burst filled the room as Akemi yelled out the words “Kanpekina Sōhōnāmirā”. This, was her Bankai. While immensely overjoyed at finally gaining it, she wondered why she hadn't received it during the fight. Her zanpaktou spirits had the answer as they materialized in front of her. The plum and red reiatsu disappeared, letting the division members watch. They all gasped at the captains Bankai appearance.

She only looked like a teenager, right around 15 in Bankai. While in Sealed state, Akemi looked 22 at the time. Her Shihakusho had disappeared, revealing a crimson red chiffon kimono. The obi sash was brown, tied with a black ribbon. Her weapon had also changed drastically. It had become a very large broad sword. The blade had to be at least 6 feet long, with a 1 foot long handle. One side of the blade was jagged, perfect for ripping flesh from the bone. The other side was smooth, perfect for slicing. She twirled it as she looked on in awe at her magnificent weapon. Finally she almost sadly looked at the two spirits and huffed. ”Why the hell didn't I get this during the fight? I could've taken him down with one slash!!” Akemi yelled. The twins laughed and looked at her, the demure one decided to speak. ”Because, Akemi-chan. This fight was not only a test for your rank, but a test for your Bankai. You passed both with flying colors, neeeeeeeeh? Besides.....I couldn't interrupt me and Sister-samas' tea time.” Amai said, laughing and smiling.

Akemi was a bit aggravated at her weird zanpaktou spirits form of humor. After all, if Akemi didn't beat the Kenpachi, he'd probably kill her. But it was done for now. She sealed away her Bankai and her zanpaktou spirits returned to the Inner World after talking with her about how serious it was. They told Akemi she'd have to train it, but not with others. The power it held was not made for training, it was made for killing. She held their advice with high regards and proudly walked towards the still staring crowd. One of them pointed at her white hair. Prior to the fight, it had been very long and smooth. Now, it was short and a tiny bit wavy. She was surprised, though she knew that it was definitely an effect of the 10th Kenpachis blade. She rather liked her hair this way. After that day, things seemed to change. She was recognized as a Captain of the Gotei, and the official 11th Kenpachi. Akemi has been a Kenpachi for right around 45 years, no one has challenged her. She is quite happy and quaint in her Division, and regularly trains and fights with her fellow members.
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