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 Todou Rina

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PostSubject: Todou Rina   Todou Rina I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 10, 2011 5:26 pm


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: (Last name, first name) Todou Rina

Gender: Female

Age: 553

Visual Age: early twenties
Rank: Captain

Division: 10

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Extra Information: (optional. Things that didn’t go into the other categories would go here)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: 0-

Family Members: none

Birth Date: 11 September

Star Sign: Virgo

Favorite Food: Takiyaki

Least Favorite Food: McDonalds

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance:

Reiatsu Color: Red

Height: 167 cm/ 5’5

Weight: 46 kg/ 101

Body Type: Lithe

Extra Information: Rina has a scar across her chest and another just below her left eye.


Personality: She has a mind of a wolf, her pack is what she protects, and even though she has a great respect for her leaders she would never doubt to try to get to an alpha position if she thought that her superior was weaker than her. This makes people rather weary of the woman, Rina is also rather cold in her approach to people. If she deems them safe and worthy to befriend she will do so.

The division is run rather strictly, she keeps her underlings in check with her wits and low voice. She very seldom raises her voice, in fact she never shouts.

In battle, Rina can sometimes be overcome with bloodlust, often wildly grinning, showing her long canines. However she still attempt to destroy as many hollows as she can, her distaste for the creatures is very high, she tend to growl at the mere sight of hollows.

She has issues with eating, always have probably, she is often seen picking at her food and sometimes forgets to eat at all, this have led to problem in the past as she can got exhausted. These days she is reminded by people that she needs to eat at times.

She also is a smoker, nearly chain-smokes at times, this tend to annoy people a lot. She also drink a rather hefty amount of alcohol per day, she never allow herself to get drunk but nevertheless she is an alcoholic. She prefers vodka over sake and shouchuo, mostly because the higher alcohol percent.

Rina also likes partying, weird since she is a loner in most aspects, she goes out drinking with Akemi-chan, (the only one that she gives that suffix to, except children) and whatever entourage the 11th captain drags along. She seldom drink herself into a stupor but it happens, she is usually dragged home by some poor sap from her division if that happens…

The brunette also has a distinct distrust for certain men, usually men with beard and scruffy looking, nevertheless, she strangely enough get along with the brawlers of the 11th. One of the reasons for that however is the fact that she feels rather at home with them when there is drinking, she can drink most of them under the table…

Likes: Being with friends, tea, sake, training, meditation and swimming.

Dislikes: A lot of things. Defeat, unnecessary sacrifices, wounds. And McDonalds… fearful place that…

Goals: Become a better captain, protect her friends

Fears: Defeat, loneliness


Extra Information: (optional. Things that didn’t go into the other categories would go here)


Bio: The eastern 78 district was a district were you learned to be invisible, especially if you were a child. The small brunette knew from the get go that running and hiding was a good option and get into one of the many gangs of children made it possible to blend in better. Safety lay in numbers and ‘divide and conquer’. Her first few years consisted mostly of getting by, staying alive, managing to keep her health and somewhere dry to sleep at night. The gang the girl joined gave her a name, Rina, after the jasmine-flower which scent the girl adored so much.

The first time someone close to her died was a boy from the gang, about her age, maybe a little older. He had stolen water from the wrong stand, the infuriated men had caught up to him and beaten him with sticks and kicked him. Rina had managed to get the wounded preteen away from the men, mostly due to the others ‘divide-and-conquer’ and as she later tried to get the blood away from the boy’s face she realized that the blood had stopped flowing and the dark eyes were dilated and unresponsive.

Rina avenged her friend’s death in a round-about way; she polluted the merchant’s water with a little something that made the water both bitter and slightly poisonous. He was out of business and most likely dead within a few weeks. The girl did not feel much guilt in the matter; she had merely smiled ruefully when she heard of the merchant’s disappearance.

A few months, maybe years as no one was counting the days in those parts, only the seasons changed, a man approached the brunette girl. His kind smile and the gifts he gave her and the other girls in the gang made them trust him, after all; the food he gave them was fresh and the items of clothes where whole and colorful. The false security the man lured them into was worse than they could have imagined, one evening the man spiked the food with drugs, effectively knocking the children out. The gang members killed or enslaved the fortunate ones that escaped shattered for the winds. Rina and two other girls ended up in a brothel.
Rina woke up tied to a low table, aware that everything hurt, her arms tightly tied above her head with thin leather straps and a stony collar around her neck. She fought her captors as good as she could, nevertheless her innocence taken, and as the time passed, she got blank.

In the end her rescue came due to a raid, it seemed that the owners of the establishments had taken children and women from the lower numbered districts and they had managed to take someone of importance. The female shinigami that freed her looked horrified as she freed the young girl from her bounds, the scars, cuts and bruises that covered the girl, and the deadened green gaze barely visible in the discolored and swollen face. The collar was in fact made of sekkiseki, voiding the victims’ reiryuko.

They brought Rina to Seireitei, mostly because the healer enforced it. The girls’ recovery was slow, her will so thoroughly broken that it seemed as if her spirit was gone. Nevertheless, as the season changed from winter to spring a slight change was noted, her eyes were more aware when she was lead through the corridors. The wounds healed, scars left behind on her body testified of her captivity and the girl started talking, haltingly and stammering. Rina was very curious on Seireitei, and as her strength grew as her physical condition returned the people around her grew to realize that her spirit pressure was rather high-leveled. Due to her brittle mental health, it was decided that Rina should be accommodated in a calm low-noble family in the Seireitei instead of being of the Shinou Academy.

The day Rina was brought to the Todous’ she was terrified, she had no idea what to expect. The head of the Todou family was a retired lieutenant from the fourth division, his leg mangled beyond repair some time ago. The family consisted of Todou Fugaku and his wife Kaede and both warmly greeted the young girl into their home and into their hearts. Rina blossomed under their care, she was taught how to read and write and more so, she was taught hakuda and zanjutsu, this was to boost the teen’s confidence. The clan officially adopted Rina to the family and bestowed the surname Todou onto her.

The Seireitei still kept an eye on the girl and they drafted her into the Shinou Academy where she was placed in the advance class due to her Reiryuko and intelligence. Her progress in class were leaps and bounds, she was studious and yet rebellious, questioning what they were taught at times, discussing with her teachers and fellow classmates.

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PostSubject: Re: Todou Rina   Todou Rina I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 11, 2011 3:36 am

two big points here

1. I think you need to go into your personality alittle more, it just seems lacking to me

2. Bio is WAY too short of a captain class shinigami. You need to add a WHOLE lot more detail to it, in every part of it really.

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Todou Rina
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