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 Third Espada

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PostSubject: Third Espada   Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:28 pm


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Sophia Cortez Doribu

Alias: sophie, miss 3,


Age: 780

Visual Age: 19

Rank: Third espada

Sexual Orientation: Sex? yes please! X3

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: O

Family Members:mother and father deceased deceased

Birth Date: June 13th

Star Sign:

Favorite Food: any type of fruit

Least Favorite Food: meat

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance:

Hollow Hole Location: the center of her chest

Hollow Mask Remains: it doesnt show up

Tattoo Location: on the small of her back

Reiatsu Color: a light violet indigo color



original appearance: Sophie is a petite woman only standing four feet and ten inches in height, her frame is small yet she has a rather curvy figure with long slender legs and rather large bust. her skin is supple and the light delicate color of cream and light peach. Her long soft blond hair cascades down her shoulders though its tied back in a simple ponytail with a black ribbon with her bangs that hang slightly over her soft pink eyes with slitted pupils. her lips are full and a rather bright cherry red color. She wears a black sleeveless kimono like gown that clings to her figure and falls to the floor with the dress split at the thighs revealing her legs and she wears no shoes with her zanpakuto strapped to her back. during meetings however she will wear a similar gown though its white and it has no designs and she leaves her hair fall loose. In the human world her gigai appears somewhat the same except her eyes become sky blue without slitted pupils, her light blonde hair is a golden brown, she has no hollow hole or tattoo and her attire consists of a white long sleeve button up shirt with a short black skirt and heels with black framed glasses.
Extra Information:


Personality: She is a devious manipulative woman who will do anything she wants to to gain power. She will seduce men for power at her own discretion. She seems to change her personality depending on the situation and person .in battle she is bloodthirsty,but if she chooses to be merciful,which is very rare,she'll show some signs of compassion,but when she's not in battle she is easy going at times and is perverted and extremely seductive at all times, using her body or words to make teasing gestures. She is a masochist and takes pleasure out of pain that she is given and she finds it adorable when people try to escape her seductive grasp. she is flirty and takes joy in seeing her fellow comrade's reactions to her appearance as well as the reactions of other races.Though despite her lustful nature she is capable of being serious in certain situations and proves to be quite cunning and quick thinking. she also has a more kind and gentler nature that she shows towards those she considers friends and friends alone. She is alright with taking orders though she strongly dislikes it when people underestimate her due to her rank and gender. She has a tendency to be also quite dramatic as well as somewhat temperamental when someone pushes the wrong buttons. Sophia is also somewhat mostly less talk and more action type of person at heart as well as stubborn and teasing and respects her allies to a certain degree.she is also quite laid back and prefers to sit back and watch the show before deciding if she wants to intervene with something or not

Likes: flirting, teasing others, talking walks, relaxing in the hot springs, cute things

Dislikes: people who look down on her.

Goals: unknown what she truly looks for in life for she changes her mind constantly


Fears: dying a second time

Acting- she is good at disguising her true personality and emotions with others to get people to get closer to her or to throw people off of what she is actually thinking or feeling.

all other strengths lie in her abilities

Trust issues- she has problems trusting others due to her past life

Phobias: none


Human life
many years ago,before Sophia became an arrancar, she was born into the world as a man named Asmodeus. he was born in japan in a noble family. he being the eldest son and the heir to the throne. for his father was emperor of the village they lived in. Asmodeus was a intelligent yet cruel man and took pleasure in watching his subjects suffer under his command and rule. though due to his intelligence he won many wars against enemy villages as well as well as the people's fear and respect for his power. however he was greatly hated due to his cruelty. he was also had a deep sexual fascination with woman and sometimes even men. he would almost constantly order his subjects to bring forth the most beautiful woman or man in the entire village and he would sleep with them.yet despite his many sex slaves.his lust for pleasure and power was never satisfied. he would constantly start wars with other villages,conquering the land and its people. he picked out the best fighters that remained and added them to his army,took the remaining children as slaves and took the most beautiful of woman to make them his own personal sex slaves. also adding a few men to help populate and expand his empire.though he was never satisfied. he wanted more.Asmodeus had the power to see spirits clearly which added more fuel to his lust and greed for power and pleasure. and when he saw the beautiful soul reapers that constantly appeared and disappeared around his village he made it his goal to capture them and make them his own. he made a goal with one male shinigami who met the young emperor face to face. in exchange for a way to capture the loveliest women in the soul society to make them his wives and take the most powerful fighters in the seretei and add them to his army. the male shinigami would be wealthy as well as given the most beautiful human maiden that the village could offer. wanting the money and a wife to call his own. The male shinigami agreed. little by little.he smuggled shinigami woman into the human world to the handsome yet cruel ruler as well as the powerful fighters. for three years Asmodeus was able to get away with this wicked deed until one day the shinigami realized that they where losing members and warriors and when they searched in the world of the living,sure enough they discovered that not only a traitor was among them but a mere human was capturing them.a captains meeting was held and it was decided that it was time to put a stop to Asmodeus's plans before he ended up taking away half of the female shinigami population as well as stripping the seretei of its experienced fighters.so one late night as the young emperor slept along side one of his wives.an assassin appeared silently yet quickly into his room.unsheathing her zapackuto and positioning it over Asmodeus's head. then with one quick sickening slash. Asmodeus's skull was split in half and his blood pooled all over the floor as well as soaking his sheets.staining it with red as well as the metal of the shinigami's katana blade...

Life as soul
life as a soul
Asmodeus awoke one chilly morning and looked around his surroundings only to find that the glorious palace that once stood tall and proud was nothing more than a pile of ash. the village was not even a village it was all just ash. to angry and shocked to speak, Asmodeus was about to walk off to find out the meaning of this tragedy but only to find a silver chain attacked to the center of his chest. Asmodeus was confused. what was this? was this some kind of joke or something? but before he could answer a monstrous roar echoed through the silence,shattering his thoughts instantly. Asmodeus looked up to see a monstrous being towering over him. its evil glowing eyes glaring hungrily at him.surprisingly to the hollow. Asmodeus showed no signs of fear towards the hollow he simply smirked.for he had heard of the legends of these beings as well as soul reapers and he knew if he was consumed by this beast he would die however if the chain on his chest where removed he would be able to become the beast itself. Asmodeus watched the hollow raised it's clawed hand and swiped at him. Asmodeus jumped back,dodging enough for him to dodge the attack however it caught his soul chain and yanked it out of his chest revealing a dark hollow hole. Asmodeus closed his eyes and allowed the hollow within to consume him. Within seconds the emperor's body was destroyed only to be replaced by a gigantic humanoid like hollow. As for the hollow that stood before him,he slaughtered it and ate it before opening a garganta and moving to hueco mundo to begin his new life.

Life as a hollow
As the hollow transformation took place Asomodeus lost his humanity and even his gender.His soul seemed to be fading and becoming replaced with something else entirely.like his spiritual energy was rearranging everything in his body. He, now an it literally had the mind of an animal. only acting upon instinct alone not feeling.unlike other hollows that could speak. it had no voice. it only communicated through growls snarls and slight huffs. it wandered the empty wasteland of the desert in search for food to increase itsstrength. Despite its humanoid like form it moved on all fours and its appearance seemed to be similar to a gigantic wolf like creature. The fur was pure black the hollow fragments coating over its eyes and nose as well as its tail. its teeth where sharp and large the size of kitchen knives and where sharp as one. For a hollow he had surprisingly a good amount of strength to him for he was able to take down and consume larger hollows than itself. it stopped walking. His ears twitching slightly. it sensed a meal coming along. Growling with impatience the hollow sprinted towards the quartz made forest and looked up. It was a large hollow. Much taller and stronger than itself. the hollow knew instinctively that if it could consume this menos.it would be able to increase its power drastically. Without a moment of hesitation it pounced upon the creature biting into it's flesh. The menos let out a roar of pain and aimed a cero at the hollow. Asmodeus dodged the cero with ease,arched his body and sprung. Using his claws he dug them into the skin of the menos and climbed up it's body until it reached it's face. Asmodeus destroyed the mask easily by shooting his own cero point blank. As the hollow fell towards earth dead. Asmodeus began to eat it's flesh. Devouring every bit until it felt itself become temporarily satisfied. With a burst of red dark spiritual energy it transformed into a large menacing menos itself As a menos it wandered the menos forest in search of menos and powerful hollows. it found multiple menos and killed them with its cero. Soundlessly it devoured them as well. it continued to devour any hollow that crossed its path until its body transformed again this time it was in a Aduchja state. it looked like his original hollow form except he was much more slender, a bit smaller howevermuch more powerful,and it seemed to regain a conscious. it resurfaced to the desert and started to seek arrancar. Believing it was now strong enough to kill one. it was fortunate for it came across a single arrancar that was on his way to las noches. Without hesitation. it attacked him from behind sinking its teeth into the arrancars shoulder. Taking off his arm. The arrancar screamed in pain while the wolf like creature ate his arm. it could feel its power increase already. Licking the blood off its fangs. The hollow lunged at the arrancar again clamping its jaws over the top half of its body. Snapping the arrancars body in half. as it ate the entire body within a few bites And as it swallowed the last bite its body transformed again.but as it transformed it felt a sharp pain go through its shoulder. to its horror one of the arrancars that witnessed her friend become eaten had plunged her sword into the wolf like creature.causing the hollow to roar in agony as the spiritual energy of the female arrancar seemed to change the dark red spiritual energy to bright violet.

Arrancar/Present life
When the hollow body transformed. It was painful, the mask fragments exploded off the body scattering around in the sand. the fur dissolved and the body shrunk down to a more feminine size as the transformation was complete an explosion of violet colored spiritual energy occurred. and the memories were completely cleared. As the smoke and sand cleared. a body of a beautiful woman was there. Her size was four feet and ten inches in height. her skin was a flawless supple peachy cream tone with large E cupped sized breasts, slender well toned body with curvy hips and long slender legs. she had long soft blonde hair that fell passed her shoulder with bangs that hung over her closed eyes, her full bright cherry lips parted slightly as she breathed in and out gently. lying next to her side was a katana. the female arrancars sword was no longer in her shoulder it was now casted aside and the wound that was once jammed into the flesh of her shoulder was now healed.the female arrancar who had watched in amazement and thought that it would be benefical to the leader that the new arrancar would be recruited. she gently scooped the new arrancar up into her arms along with her katana and walked with the youthful looking girl to las noches. she awoke to a sudden flash of bright light. her long thick eyelashes opening to reveal her soft gorgeous pink eyes with slitted pupils. She sat up to reveal that a white robe was wrapped around her figure. she blinked a few times and looked around to see where she was. around her arrancars were seated. their eyes looking at the woman with amusement, a bit of lust and maybe a bit of interest. One of the arrancar was sitting on a throne like chair high up above. He smiled at the woman and asked for her name. She blinked and thought for a minute. she realized that she didnt know what her name was. Without thinking she softly stuttered out the name Sophia, Sophia Cortez doribu. the man nodded once and stated that she had a lovely name. Sophia muttered a soft thank you and an awkward silence broke out before the arrancar introduced himself as the hollow king. He told her what she now was and that she would work under him from now on. As weeks went on. Sophia trained hard, learning how to use her abilities and how to fight off shinigami and others. She built up. becoming stronger and stronger with each day that she trained. As she fought in many wars with the arrancar army she saw allies come and die before her eyes. She couldnt help but become a bit tired of the daily life but saw no escape of it and decided to just deal with it all. After the death of multiple espada members. it was time to refill in the ranks. Sophia along with many others were chosen to replace the missing espada. Sophia was promoted to the third espada and was taken to another room. There the number three was tattooed to the small of her back. It stung for a few days though she was more or less proud that she received such an honor of becoming one of the top three ranks among the espada. Now that she was an espada she felt confident in her abilities and didnt bother try to fight for a higher rank. for she felt that it was somewhat unnecessary since she already had enough power to be respected and feared. Sophia now wanders around las noches thinking about her future life and wondering about the shinigami war that was possibility coming towards them and decides to sit back and watch the events come while occasionally training. preparing for whats to come.

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PostSubject: Re: Third Espada   Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:03 pm

I have a question...how did a dude go through a sex change by becoming an arrancar? o.o
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Rank : Cero Espada
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PostSubject: Re: Third Espada   Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:31 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Third Espada   

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Third Espada
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