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 Han Yia, Squad 13 Captain

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Han Yia

Han Yia

Rank : 13th Division Captain
Attack : 70
Defense : 80
Intelligence : 0
Posts : 10
Exp : 89870
Join date : 2011-03-07

PostSubject: Han Yia, Squad 13 Captain   Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:42 pm


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Yia, Han

Alias: Ghost of the Caribbean

Gender: Male

Age: 488

Visual Age: 24

Rank: Captain

Division: Squad 13

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: Han’s blood type, is O

Family Members: none.

Birth Date: June 17th, 1523

Star Sign: Gemini

Favorite Food: Any type of Fish, or pork.

Least Favorite Food: anything sweet.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance: Han doesn’t look like a feared Pirate, or Captain, he is skinny and doesn’t look very intimidating, but surprisingly he is in good shape, he is lean, and his muscles are toned. Han also has a slightly Royal look to him, he stands straight up, and has broad shoulders. The illustrious pirate has fair skin, and long messy dark brown hair. Han’s body is covered in various scars but, his most noticeable is the scar that marks his face, the scar runs from the right side of his forehead, down through his right eye, over the bridge of his nose, and ends in the middle of his left cheek.

Moving on to his clothing. Nothing to flashy, he is usually found wearing the standard shinigami uniforms, with a modified captain haori over them. The sleeves of his robes, are narrow, and he has tapped the lower part of his pants, to bake them less baggy. The young Captain also has a large scar the adorns his face. The scar goes from the right side of his forehead, down through his right eye, over the bridge of his nose, and ends in the center of his left cheek.

Reiatsu Color: gold

Height: 6feet, 2inches

Weight: 178lbs

Body Type: Han is pretty much lean and athletic looking, almost skinny in a way, but his muscles are well toned.

Extra Information:


Personality: despite his background and knack for disobeying orders, Han is actually kind hearted, he sees to it, that he is strong enough to protect those around him. His hard nosed attitude and competitive nature, inspires those around him, to never let him down. His loyalty to his friends and suburbanites has earned him the respect of many pirates, shinigami, and even those that opposed him.

It seems wired that even Han’s vary enemies, never wanted to harm him, they were mystified by his leadership abilities, and his cunning. Chasing after Han was like trying to take on an army, with just one man. Of every pirate on the high seas, none was more feared that Han, for those that opposed him and his crew, they were met with a force unlike anything they had ever seen, or would ever see again. The Ghost of the Caribbean, was a master tactician, and insane strategist, his intellectual might, was stronger than any ships cannons. The pirate captain, had a knack of always coming out of sticky situations, with his life intact. It has been said that Han was one of the smartest pirates, and Shinigami around.

All this aside, Han is relatively calm, even when he is disobeying a superior, he keeps a cool head, and is very respectful. Though he was a captain of a pirate ship, it has been noted that Han has never once raised his voice to anyone, he rarely gets angry, and it’s hard to phase this veteran. The pirate captain, is also kind hearted, and enjoys spending time with people, he also enjoys the occasional Joke or two. Han also has a professional side to him, he knows when it’s time to play, and when it’s time to do work. Han is also quite the ladies man, his polite attitude and proper etiquette were enough to land him in bed with many women during his lifetime, not once did he ever mistreat any of those women either, he was the complete gentlemen.

One § Training- Han has and always will be a training fanatic, when he was younger he saw it as the only way to show he wasn’t weak and that he was more than capable of protecting himself, this carried on with him into the after life as he strived to be strong enough to protect those that he cares about., and continues to train and push his limits every day.
Two § Girls- pretty plain and simple, Han isn’t just all about training, he is of course a guy and cant help but stare at a girl if she captures his interest.
Three § Books/Knowledge/History- Han has always been fascinated by history and his thirst for knowledge was huge. Aside from spending his time training Han would often spend his days in the library of the castle and read all day long.
Four § friends- Despite being a feared pirate captain of the high seas, Han has always been very social, he has no problem talking to people and often tried to befriend them if he can. If Han is really close to some one and even when he’s not, he is willing to put his life on the line to protect them.

One § Spineless People- enough said, if there is one thing Han hates the most, its spineless people who cower behind their soldiers and never once bother to get their hands dirty.

Goals: To be strong enough, to protect those around him, and to be well respected as a captain.

Insecurities: (optional)

Fears: not being able to live up to everyone’s expectations, not being able to protect those he cares about, and not being a great leader.

Strengths: Han’s intellect is one of his strongest aspects, perhaps the 4th greatest mind on all of shinigami history. Han is also a skilled swordsman and leader. Though Han was usually found fighting with his sword or pistol, he also found himself in a lot of bar fights, leading him to be a rather skilled hand to hand fighter as well.

Weaknesses: Han’s devotion to protecting those he cares about, is his biggest weakness, it literally forces him into situations, with out any thought. In most instances, if his friends were in any immediate danger, Han would most likely risk his life to keep them safe.

Phobias: none

Extra Information:


Bio: There was the distinct sound of a crack, and a roar of cheer from the spectators. There hanging from a twine rope, was the lifeless body of a legend. In a instant, Han’s entire world went black, and it stayed that was for quite a while. The darkness seemed to last an eternity, and Han was beginning to believe that he had gone to hell, he paid for his sins, or he was about to, he didn’t know. Then amidst the endless sea of black, a small light flickered to life, it wasn’t a flame, but it wasn’t any form of light, the young pirate had seen before. Han began to notice that with the kindling of the light, he could feel again, he felt alive, but how? The last thing he remembered, was falling down before his neck broke, so why was he breathing, why was he able to move?

Eventually the young man made his way towards the light, once he reached it, he was met with a sight, that he was not prepared for. Right in front of his vary eyes, Han was staring at his lifeless body, as it hung from the gallows. “I..I..impossible” he said aloud. Not knowing what to make of this situation, Han’s soul left the gallows, and headed into town. As the fresh spirit roamed the crowded streets, Han noticed that some of the towns folk could see him. The spirit of the pirate walked up to the people that seemed to see him, he begged them to tell him what was going on, but even they could not explain the odd phenomena. Distraught, and scared, Han made his way to the local inn, there was a plus side to being a ghost, and that was he was able to sleep, without anyone telling him to leave. A few days went by, and Han was no closer to figuring out his situation, but now he would have another problem to worry about. When the young pirate awoke the next morning, he found that the inn was particularly quite, perhaps a little to quiet for his liking.

Han ventured outside and was met by a masked fiend that, looked as though it had been waiting for him. The ghost pirate looked upon the beast in terror, what was he to do, he had no weapons, and this thing didn’t look friendly. Han was beginning to believe that he was indeed in hell, and this thing was here to torment him, and punish him for the crimes he had committed. Little did the young man know, that what he was staring at, was a hollow. The beast had yet to attack Han, it just sat on the roof across the street, and peered at Han with glowing yellow eyes, and a salivating grin. The longer Han stared at the beast, the more he recognized it, he had seen the creature once before, but where? Then as if he had heard a gun shot, Han jumped and his eyes widened, he finally remembered where he saw the thing before, it was present, the day Han was captured by Rhim. There was no denying it now, the all black body, that resembled a bird.

The hollow let out a loud cry, before leaping off the roof, and diving at Han. The young spirit was quick on his feet, and dove out of the way, if he was going to survive this, he would have to think of a way to kill the beast. Han looked around, he had noticed that he wasn’t able to grab anything, his spirit form seemed to not permit it, to make matter worse, Han had just now noticed the chain of fate dangling from his chest *what the hell is this thing?* he thought, as he looked at it’s corroded links, time was running out for Han it seemed, and he didn’t even know it. The pirate remained in hiding, hoping that the birdlike beast would not find him, but Han didn’t know how to control his spiritual pressure, and the beast was hot on his trail. Han began to notice that he could feel the thing getting closer and closer, he began to move from spot to spot, until all of a sudden, he could no longer feel the best anymore.

As Han slipped into an alley, he nearly fell on his ass, when a man clad in a black kimono appeared before him.
“relax, I’m not going to hurt you.” the shinigami said, looking at the freighted Han.
“what the hell was that thin, and why I’m I able to walk around? I should be dead. I was hung three days ago.” the questions were pouring into Han’s mind.
The shinigami placed a hand on Han’s shoulder, something that the young ghost had said, concerned him “you died three days ago?” the shinigami said as he looked at the chain hanging from Han’s chest, it was dangerously close to being to corroded, luckily for Han, the shinigami had arrived when he did. The shinigami gave and a reassuring smile, and cut him off before he could answer. “I’m going to send you to a place where all your questions will be answered.” with that, the shinigami quickly preformed a soul burial on Han.

-New to the Game
The second that the bottom of the shinigami’s zanpakutou touched Han’s head, everything went black once more. For this to have happened a second time, Han was a little on edge. The young mans eye began to flicker open, the bright sunlight, momentarily causing Han to squint. His eye finally adjusted and he was able to see his surrounding, he was defiantly not in Port Royal anymore. The cityscape, Han saw before him was like nothing he had ever seen before. As the young man looked around, he was unaware of the small group forming around him, I guess they had never seen a pirate before. Han’s gaze fell upon the spectators, and he gave them a feint smile *who are all these people?*

Just then Han heard a voice approaching, and as it got closer, the crowd seemed to dissipate. As the spectators dispersed, Han was greeted by two shinigami, they had rushed to the area, because they had gotten reports of an unidentified high spiritual pressure in the area, it wasn’t so much that Han’s spiritual pressure was insanely high, only that it was unusual to find a pressure as high as Han’s was in the area, it was at first mistaken as a low seated officer in the area. It was obvious, that they were not expecting to find Han as the pressures source. Much to their dismay, the two shinigami were greeted by a confused Han Yia, who had woken up in the rukon district, after having a soul burial preformed on himself, just moments ago. It is uncertain as to why Han appeared here but, whatever the case, the two shinigami knew what they had to do. They seized Han by his arms and dragged him towards the division one barracks. Not knowing what was going on, and the fact that he had been through quite a bit in the last couple of hours, Han didn’t put up a fight, as he was dragged through the streets.

The two shinigami brought Han before the captain commander, it was an odd occurrence, that a soul as strong as Han came around, he had potential and didn’t even know it. The captain commander asked Han a few questions, like his name and how he ended up in soul society. Upon hearing Han’s story, the old and wise captain, ordered the two shinigami to take Han to the academy. As the three left, the two shinigami explained what the academy was for, and why he was going. All these new and interesting words, confused Han. Just a few days ago, he was the proud pirate captain of the Mother Vanguard, he was feared by all, and had no equal, now he was in a strange place, surrounded by strange people, and headed to a strange academy for soul reapers.

-Like Riding A Bike
When Han arrived at the academy, he wasn’t sure what to make of it. The young man was thrown straight into the program, with no knowledge of what was going on, luckily for him, the teachers were kind enough to give him the break down. Over the next couple of years, Han learned all about the shinigami, and everything else about the after life. To the surprise of those around him, he took to his training rather seriously, and had made the advanced classes with relative ease. It didn’t even take long for the young pirate to learn the name of his zanpakutou, and get a grasp of it’s shikai. The progress that Han had made since joining the academy was extraordinary, the difference in his skills from then to now, was like night and day, the teachers were certain that he was destined to be a great shinigami.

Since Han had shown so much progress, and such great potential, he was often sent out with patrol groups, to learn the ropes. Every patrol was the same, a heavy serving of nothing, no signs of any hollows, no people that needed saving, nothing. Then on the fifth patrol, the group of students was ambushed by some hollows, once again Han’s mind went to work, he quickly studied the hollows as the attempted to attack, and within a few minutes, Han had devised a plan to kill the hollows. The officers were yelling out orders, but then a voice rose above there own, the voice was Han’s, and he began to bark out orders. There was so much confusion that the shinigami didn’t know who to listen to, finally Han set his plan in motion and the shinigami followed by example. After a few minutes of fighting, all of the hollows had been slain, and only one shinigami had died. The officers thanked Han for his quick thinking and returned back to soul society.

The days following the ambush, seemed to go by quickly and before he knew it, Han had graduated at the top of his class. Han was seen as one of the top prospects coming out of the academy, his skills had expanded to cover almost every field, he would be a good fit, for what ever squad he ended up with. Han’s reputation had grown since his stay at the academy, and he was growing into somewhat of a legend among the lower ranked shinigami. The young pirate had even caught the attention of a certain shinigami, who saw Han’s potential. Said shinigami was the thirteenth division captain at the time, and he had a secret agenda, that he knew that he could utilize someone like Han in. it turned out that the Captain had been keeping a close eye on Han, ever since that faithful day, when he arrived in soul society. Now that Han had matured as a shinigami, the captain seized the opportunity to recruit Han to the thirteenth division, where he would be named the third seat. The fact that Han had been placed as the third seat from the very get go did not sit well with the other division members. Over the course of the next couple of years, Han would play his part in several events, earning him the respect of the Captain’s of the gotei 13, as well as most of the shinigami.

-The Betrayal (Taking off the training wheels.)
The day started like any other, Han made his way to the fifth division training grounds, and began his daily regiment. He started slow, and just did a few basic exercises, but as the morning rolled on, the third seat, increased the level of difficulty to his training, and began to spar against a few of the other officers. It wasn’t long, until that fateful scream tore through the air of Soul Society. The news traveled quickly, it would seem as though, the captain of the thirteenth division had, had a secret agenda. The secretive Captain had betrayed Soul Society, and was planning a coup de tat, in order to enact his plan, the Captain faked his death. The news sent everyone into panic about the situation, no one knew who to trust, Han especially. Like many others, the young shinigami looked to the captain as a mentor. Han had even set the captain as the standard, at which to grow to.

It seemed that the captain had chosen to back stab all of Soul Society as was found out later on, if Han was crushed when he thought the captain had been murdered, he was defiantly enraged now. The captain’s sudden betrayal, sent a shockwave of anger throughout Han, the sensation was similar to that, back when he watched his crew get slaughtered by Rhim’s gang of pirates. Before anyone could stop him, just as the captain was preparing for his retreat, he was caught by the young shinigami. Han lashed out in a blind rage and began to assault his former captain. Though the young shinigami was only a third seat, and proved to be no match for the captain. Still, Han’s rage allowed him to last a bit longer than the captian had expected, it actually made the sneaking man smile, knowing that his faith in Han was not missed place, but the young shinigami still had room to grow, and he was quickly beaten by the captain, and knocked unconscious.

In the following months, Soul Society would scramble to recover from the captain’s betrayal. Three divisions had lost their captain’s and a few seated shinigami, there weren’t many qualified Shinigami to fill their places. The captain commander wanted the positions filled quickly, just incase the hollows launched an attack, but that task would prove to be difficult. From the list of possible replacements, Han’s name stood out the most, there was only one problem though, the third seat had yet to learn his bankai, and for this his promotion would not come until after the captain was caught. In the months following the captain’s departure, a search team would be put together. Han was included in this group.

Han had set his sites on capturing or defeating the defunct captain, as one of the strongest seated officers, it seemed as though, he would not let that go, he proved his worth, as he single handedly blew through multiple opponents like they were nothing. The young shinigami had evolved it seemed, since his fight with the captain, those many months ago. Han had trained vigorously since that day, and was determined to see to it, that the captain would pay for his crimes. the ghost of the Caribbean had once again been resurrected, he had obtained his bankai just before the initial hunt for the captain began, and was not being stingy about using it either. The opponents that Han had to face, were caught off guard by his strategies, and ruthless attack style. When it came down to it, Han was the last standing ranked officer. The others that had arrived had gotten banged up pretty bad, and with them down and out, he tried to lend a hand in, orchestrating various plans to deal with the captain, and his followers.

Eventually the highly anticipated meeting between, the former student, and his mentor would take place. thanks to the combined efforts of everyone involved, Han was able to finally confront his former Captain. There had been many doubts among the others, that Han would be able to fight the one person he looked up to, but being the way he was, Han but the past behind him and faced the captain head on, and didn’t hold back. The fight had gone like everyone had expected, the captain was proving to be to much for the young shinigami. It seemed as though, Han would not be able to defeat the man standing before him, but then it struck him like a lightning bolt. There was one thing that Han had never done in his two meeting with the captain, and that was to use his intellect instead of sheer power. Soon things began to level out, and it seemed as though, Han had found a way to best the conniving captain. The fight between the two, would last a little longer, having Han come out victorious.

When the team shinigami returned to Soul Society, Han was finally promoted as captain of the thirteenth division. The young shinigami’s string of successes, had been added to, and all of his hard work and effort paid off. Han would spend the next couple of months building up his reputation as a well respected captain, he won over everyone in the seireitei for his amazing display of courage and power during the war, but the captain didn’t want to stop there, he felt that he had to become stronger than what he was, even though, he was considered one of the strongest already.

Last edited by Han Yia on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:35 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Yokkyu Fuman

Rank : 2nd Squad Captain
Attack : 70
Defense : 60
Intelligence : 0
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PostSubject: Re: Han Yia, Squad 13 Captain   Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:35 pm

However, the first problem arose while I was reading your appearance.
All shinigami after the academy are made to wear the typical shinigami robes. Once you become a Captain, your attire is changed to that of shinigami robes with a haori over them. All Captains must have a haori, it's what shows they're a Captain. Sorry ^^;

And your body type, he doesnt look skinny, nor does he look like he has toned muscles. Im 5 foot 11 and i weigh 170, and im a bit chubby now. So, if he's the same size, and 18 pounds larger, he'd be chubbier than me. Decrease the weight, or edit the body type.

Aside from a few grammar and spelling errors (nothing big, so im not going to make you change it) the personality was very well written. I liked it.

Quote :
One § Training- Han has and always will be a training fanatic, when he was younger he saw it as the only way to show he wasn’t weak and that he was more than capable of protecting himself, this carried on with him into the after life as he strived to become the strongest and continues to train and push his limits every day.
One that aspires to become the strongest is typically best suited for Squad 11. Maybe he shouldn't aspire to be the strongest, but aspire to train to remain strong. (Same with your goals)

Your weakness also sounds like it's best for Squad 11. I think just to make sure this character doesnt sound too much like a Squad 11 member you should give him some kido. Just so it's not like "I wanna be the strongest" when he's in the Real World Reconnaissance squad.

For your history - your character was a normal human. He wouldn't really have high reiatsu to the point where Shinigami go and look for the cause. Maybe he has potential, but not enough to send the Shinigami to go look for it. Edit that part please.

In your Academy years, put a bit more description of your time there before you unlock your shikai, then after shikai, show some more time before you graduate. Also, when you enter the Gotei, you wouldn't be so strong-out of the academy as to be placed as third seat so soon. A lower seat seems likely , and then some training time, then the obvious promotion.

Your fight with the Captain would be more unbalanced. He's a Captain, and even with a rage mode, the Captain is still a headandahalf stronger than you, so I dont know about the whole thing. It'd be fine if you said he was holding back though.

For the war in your history, I know you accidentally put Aizen in your history, because you didn't know. But remove any refrence to that war. Maybe come up with another excuse? Instead of there being a war, maybe there simply wasnt enough qualified people so Soul Society would patiently wait until one was found?


* Small amounts of gramatical and spelling errors, but nothing big.
* Remove anything that makes it seem you're most fitted for the 11th Division.
* Work a bit more on your history in the areas mentioned above.

So, nothing that wont take you an extra 15-30 minutes. ^^
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Yokkyu Fuman

Rank : 2nd Squad Captain
Attack : 70
Defense : 60
Intelligence : 0
Posts : 75
Exp : 90232
Join date : 2011-03-05
Location : Squad 2 Barracks

PostSubject: Re: Han Yia, Squad 13 Captain   Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:38 pm

All things are fixed, I see nothing too out of order.
So i'm going to say approved unless someone finds something I might have missed.
Everything we discussed in PM does not have to be changed, as you shed some light on it.
Captain of Squad 13
Level 25
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PostSubject: Re: Han Yia, Squad 13 Captain   

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Han Yia, Squad 13 Captain
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